foodiedoo is a Singapore-based food blog maintained by Jimmy Oh, a long-time photography enthusiast who loves taking shots of anything that’s beautiful and that includes, well you guessed it, food of course!

It all started when Jimmy received his first DSLR from his lovely wife back in 2009 – a decent yet humble Canon EOS 500D. It was a great gift for someone who was stuck with a prosumer grade camera Powershot G2 for almost 7 years. Many years on, Jimmy has since upgraded to an EOS Canon 7D and more recently, an EOS Canon 5D Mark III. Food photography naturally became one of his favourite photography subjects due to his ever-craving love for delicious food and the desire to capture every single “makan moment” around Singapore.

Tons of food-related shots were taken and personal reviews documented but Jimmy only shared these info among his friends via the social media.  Jimmy thought it would be even better to share with everyone else.

That was when the foodiedoo blog concept was born.

This dedicated and casual food blog was created and its first post on the Christmas Eve of 2010. Be it your reasonably-priced hawker fares , a casual Sunday-afternoon brunch, to the more up-scale and luxurious indulgences, foodiedoo leaves no good food behind andis willing to give it a try whenever possible. What comes together here in foodiedoo are reviews based on utmost honest opinions that Jimmy could gather as a regular paying customer and, as they all say, trying to get the best out of the buck.

Jimmy is also currently in the midst of building up and expanding his photography portfolio. If you love his work in foodiedoo and would like to engage him for any food-related photography projects or even just to have just a chit-chat, feel free to contact him at foodiedooblog@gmail.com

Jimmy also welcomes any form of feedback, suggestions and review requests from its readers so there you go, don’t be shy and start writing in!

To stay up-to-date for the latest food reviews, follow foodiedoo via its Facebook and Twitter pages too!

foodiedoo, where foodies hang out.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi,

    since you are Canon DSLR user…

    how is Canon DSLR compare with Nikon DSLR.

    i am new in DSLR and want to learn more.

  2. hey i love your blog!!! you’re just as good as the pro bloggers like ieatishootipost and ladyironchef! i aspire to become like u guys one day!!

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