Chock Full of Beans @ Changi Village

Located right at the corner of a HDB block at Changi Village Road is this cozy cafe which many would simply miss when travelling past the area. Fortunately, it’s not missed by me and neither should you.

Welcome to Chock Full of Beans.

It’s not hard to notice that locally, many cafes and coffee speciality shops have been sprouting at quite a fast pace, particularly so within the central area of Singapore. With so many cafes in town, competition is definitely stiff. And it’s never easy running a cafe or a F&B outlet for that matter.

I had the opportunity to sit down and had an insightful chat with Mr. Tan, one of the owners of Chock Full of Beans during my first visit. Towards the end of the session, I realized that I actually left the place with more than just a great cup of coffee in my stomach.

You see, Chock Full of Beans might be new in the local cafe scene but definitely not a new player in the F&B industry. In fact, the business partners involved are the same folks that run the popular Red Mill Bakery which offers fantastic sandwiches, pizzas and desserts (I promise, review of Red Mill Bakery to be up soon!) so they are not new to both pastries and coffee. Each item you see in store comes from years if F&B industry experience.

As I was waiting for my orders to be served, I noticed that whenever a cup of coffee is served to other customers they all looked so delighted and start to whip out their cameras and mobile phones to take a picture of the beverage. One must be wonder why, no? Now you’ll know.

Cappucino (from $4.50 onwards)

Cute design? Definitely! If you think it is hard to ‘destroy’ the usual Pine Needle or Heart-shape designs, wait till you see Rain’s magical ability with coffee and milk. Personally, I always find it interesting to see baristas trying to push their own limits to make the best cappucino possible but also very refreshing to have them work on new and interesting designs on the top of the cap.

So, is this all looks but not taste? In a word, no. The coffee beans, although not roasted in-house, are obtained from a rather well-known local coffee specialty house which does the roasting. In terms of coffee quality I seriously have no doubts over it. The frothed milk is thick and creamy yet doesn’t cover the taste of the espresso, which is the way I prefer. Other standard coffee beverages Long Black ($3.50 onwards), Caffe Latte ($4.50 onwards) and Caramel Macchiato ($5.50 onwards) are also worth the try!

Iced Rose Latte ($7.90)

If a serving of icy-cold coffee beverage is what you need, consider the Iced Coffee here which comes in standard 16oz servings. I went for the Iced Rose Latte which is really, really good. Absolutely refreshing and unique in taste, be sure to stir-mix the rose syrup at the bottom of the beverage. Do also try out their Iced Vanilla Latte and Ice Caramel Macchiato ($6.50 each). I think this might just be the popular drink among the ladies!

When it comes to food, Chock Full of Beans serve a great menu of brunch items but unfortunately during my visit brunch has already ended. So I went for some pasta instead. In hindsight, I should have gone for their popular sandwiches such as the Bacon & Mango Sandwich ($12) and Cubano Sandwich ($13) and desserts instead but let’s save it for another day.

Linguine Pesto with Chicken ($15)

Rather well-done pasta I would say. The Linguine Pesto with Chicken pasta comes with a good serving of chicken, cherry tomatoes with garlic and parmesan on it. Not too oily which is to my liking and taste quite good. It’s not over-the-top kind of spectacular but definitely good enough overall. If you want something spicy, try out their Linguine Aglio Olio with Prawns and Squids ($16).

Additional Comments
Despite being located at a not-so-convenient location, this 10-month old cafe has been gaining quite abit of popularity among those staying around the area and coffee lovers from ‘afar’ (of Singapore, that is). So, what exactly encouraged me to be so willing to travel to the far East of Singapore for a cup of coffee? I would say it’s going to be the works of the extremely talented barista here. Meet Rain, the chief barista at Chock Full of Beans that comes up with the creations of all the creative cappucino designs.

Rain is going to walk us through how to make a cup of cappucino. Well, not just your usual cappucino but with added cuteness to it. I will just let the pictures do the talking!

And that is how you make a cute cup of Bear Cappucino!

In fact, Rain’s work is so popular among customers that some of them actually bring along pictures of a certain animal or character and let Rain do the work. So if you have something interesting and want it to be on the face of the beverage, do approach and I’m sure your request would be considered!

It’s my first visit to Chock Full of Beans and I can really say for sure that I will be back real soon. I love it’s overall cozy, friendly and inviting environment. The waiting staffs are friendly and orders are served rather quickly. Moreover, I love the surprise that comes with every order of the coffee. According to Mr. Tan, weekends can be quite overwhelming with customers queuing even before the official opening hours because the brunch here is really quite popular. Seats are for now limited but Mr. Tan did mention that expansion work will be underway in the near future. If you want a space to comfortably enjoy a great cup of coffee, this is it!

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500004
Tel: 6214 8839


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