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Putien Restaurant, since it first started business along Kitchener Road, has always been one of my favourite Heng Hwa cuisine restaurants, not just for it’s affordable prices but also the overall quality and taste.

Since opening it’s doors back in 2000,,  Mr. Fong Chi Chung, Founder and CEO of Putien has since opened close to 10 restaurants islandwide and Putien has so far been a huge success both locally and overseas.

I was utterly surprised that one of my favourite Putien branches which is at Vivocity will be ceasing its operations soon and I was eager to revisit the the place before it is relocated to Resorts World Sentosa.

To me, everyone should try Heng Hwa cuisine at least once and here’s why.

The reason why I always prefer the branch at Vivocity (located inside Food Republic Food Court) is mainly because of it’s decor. Given the wooden furnitures and quintessentially Singapore style of decor, dining here has always been an unique experience.

For those who are not aware, Putien is actually a beautiful coastal town located in Fujian, China call Putian. It has spectacular ocean views surrounded with majestic mountains and lush pastures. Of course, being so close to the ocean, fresh seafood is abundant and naturally becomes one of Putien’s speciality.

The news and deal of Putien leaving Vivocity Food Republic and promotion via AllDealsAsia.com

Now, I am not exactly sure why Putien decides to pull out of Vivocity and shift right across to the opposite island to resume its business but one thing’s for sure – I will definitely miss those times that I dine here.

Recently, I had the opportunity to revisit the place and indulge in my favourite orders. The dishes you are about to see are most of my die-die-must-order dishes. Here goes nothing!

Putien Lor Mee (from $7.90 onwards)

The generous pork broth is not too heavy and complements really well with the silky Putian noodles. Ingredients are aplenty within the bowl, with fresh prawns, clams, pork belly, dried beancurds and vegetables.  This is one of Putien’s traditional favourites and the white pork broth is one of the restaurants favourite recipes among customers. Each ingredients you find in here picked specifically to complement each other.

Heng Hwa Fried Bee Hoon (from $7.90 onwards)

Another traditional dish, the bee hoon is no ordinary one. Made from old riced milled by hand in Putian, the bee hoon is finer than your regular, machine-produced bee hoon. Translucent in looks with silky and chewy texture, the bee hoon is flavoured with milky and absolutely rich stock made from pork bones under careful heat. There’s a generous amount of ingredients waiting for you to be explored, such as prawns, clams, seaweed and peanuts.

Stir-Fried Yam (from $10.90 onwards)

These delicious, golden yam cubes are carefully chosen and skillfully fried by the chef. I love the crispy exterior and the yam doesn’t turn loose in terms of texture even after frying. If you are a yam lover, you will definitely love this simple yet delicious offering.

Putien Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychees (from $11.90 onwards)

This is definitely not your typical sweet and sour pork found from your ‘cai peng’ stalls. The meat chunks are huge and generous, all deep friend to crispy golden brown before topping with the signature sweet and sour sauce. So why the lychees? It’s added to complement the dish, giving it an additional ‘burst’ of sweetness to the already very delicious sauce.

Putien Shrimp Roll ($10.90 onwards)

More commonly known as ‘He Zor‘, it is a must to try this with the sweet sauce provided with the dish. Absolutely crispy on the outside and piping hot within, the fillings are a mixture of prawn and pork meat all stuffed generously within.

Stir-Fried Kailan with Beancurd Skin (from $10.90 onwards)

Fresh stir-fried kailan topped generously with beancurd skin, this not-so-oily vegetable dish is always a joy to eat. It goes really well with a bowl of rice or fried bee hoon and do make sure you dip some of the restaurant’s signature ‘La Ma’ chilli sauce!

Steamed Prawns with Minced Garlic ($19.90 onwards)

Absolutely fresh prawns skillfully sliced into halves before topping it with flavourful minced garlic and other garnishings before steaming it under high heat. The flavours are locked in, coupled with the signature sauce to complement the prawns, I don’t see any reason prawn lovers wouldn’t love this authentic Putien dish.

The only reason why I think Putien can be so popular among local foodies would probably be the fact that the cooking style and taste of Putien cuisine is just so similiar to what we eat locally without much ‘modification’ to the original cuisine itself. I believe Putien will continute to be part of the Singapore food scene for a long time to come. There has been quite a few other Heng Hwa-related restaurants sprouting around the island in the past few years and I may be wrong on this – but I doubt any of these restaurants can be as good as Putien Restaurant.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Putien Restaurant (Main Branch)
127 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208514
Tel: 6295 6358
Lunch: 11.30am-3pm  |   Dinner: 5.30pm-11pm

Free Valet Service for Dine-In Customers

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