Ghee Leong – Sing Hon Loong Bakery @ Whampoa Drive

In this day and age where almost every type of food is mass produced and processed in a factory, where can we find some really old school, traditional oven-baked bread? I managed to find this 24-hour bakery located at Whampoa Drive and man, I am glad to find this “treasure”.

In Singapore it’s really getting harder and harder to find traditional bakeries such as those like Ghee Leong – Sing Hon Loong Bakery. To be honest, apart from this one at Whampoa Drive I couldn’t think of any other place that does the same type of traditional bakery right at the back of the shop. This family-owned business has been operating in the same area for the past five decades and is widely considered as the most popular bakery shop among the residents of Whampoa and Balestier.

Sing Hon Loong Bakery bakes up to hundreds of bread loaves per day. With the help of the skilled workers working hard in front of the high-temperatute oven, each of the bread loaves are individually baked to perfection.

Trust me, this is hard work! Kudos to these workers who work so hard to deliver nice bread loaves for us!

The doughs are first placed into the rectangular bread mould which slowly puff up into loaves of huge, round-top breads under the high heat and part of the baking process creates the signature charred top. One could easily smell the aroma of these bread loaves from across the road.

Fresh off the oven, these freshly baked goodness are placed on rows and rows of  the mobile shelves. This is to allow the bread loaves to be cooled down before the workers start to slice away the charred parts and have the bread packed.

Completely cooled down bread loaves are moved to the table, all prepped for slicing and packing

After the charred parts have been sliced off, the remaining white, fluffy bread are either sliced by a machine for packaging or manually-sliced by the workers.

Freshly baked bread ready for sale. Apart from the all-time favourite traditional white bread, you can also get the wholemeal bread, butter roll, sugar-coated bread and raisin bread loaves. If you want something more “instant”, consider their kaya and margarine bread which the auntie would prepare on the spot upon order.

I can never get tired from eating the traditional white bread from this traditional bakery. The soft, fluffy texture of the traditional white bread is something that mass-production baking techniques can never achieve. In fact, the traditional white bread here is so good that you can eat it on it’s own or indulge further with just a simpe spread of margarine and kaya. I seriously hope that such traditional bakeries can always be part of Singapore’s food scene and should never be gone for good. Only God knows how many grew up with these traditional white bread since the good ol’ days.

Ratings: 5.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Ghee Leong – Sing Hon Loong Bakery
4 Whampoa Drive
Singapore 327715
Tel: 62560878
Opens 24 Hours


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