Scissor Cut Curry Rice @ Jalan Besar

Arguably one of Singapore’s most popular “Cai Fan” stall, I took a visit to Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice, located at Jalan Besar for some snipy-snip good “Cai Fan”. 

Curry Rice, otherwise more commonly known as “Cai Fan” (literally translated to Vegetable Rice in Chinese) is a dish that I always regard as one that is unique to Singapore. Be it in the regular kopitiams, hawker centres or the air-conditioned food courts you could easily spot at least one “Cai Fan” stall within the premises.

The reason why “Cai Fan” is such a popular choice among foodies is the fact that when compared to other types of food, dollar-to-dollar, one gets more varieties of dishes on the plate, accompanied with rice. Hence, “Cai Fan” is also commonly called “Economy Rice” for the same reason.

With the proliferation of “Cai Fan” stalls almost everywhere on our sunny little island, what exactly makes the Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice stands out among the rest? But before we go into that question, one would probably ask why the “Scissor Cut” name?

Well, it’s not hard to guess how the name of this stall came from once you walk into the premises. Chances are you will most likely be welcomed by the constant “snip snip snip” sound.

It’s actually the staff behind the stall at work with just the tongs and a pair of full-metal scissors snipping the customers’ orders away into bite-sized pieces onto the fragrant rice. In fact, this unique way of preparing the food is not commonly found elsewhere hence it sort of became the stall’s signature also.

Snip, snip, snip!

Here, don’t expect to find a gazillion type of dishes to go with the rice. In fact, there are probably less than 20 different types of dishes but each of them are definitely delicious in their own ways.

Operating from 11am till 3.30am in the wee hours of the morning, queues exist almost any time through the day. I once visited the eatery around 10.30pm on a Saturday night and the queue trailed towards the main road of Jalan Besar. Thankfully, service is prompt so it wasn’t exactly a very long wait before my turn arrived.

Queuing up is almost a must when you want to have a taste of their curry rice

Whether you are ordering an individual serving or more, you can request to have the dishes to be separated from the rice or all on the same plate. If you choose to have everything on the plate, be prepared to have all the dishes and rice to be generously covered by the in-house signature “sticky” curry gravy and braised sauce.

There are a few items which I consider to be under the “die-die-must-try” category, such as the beancurd puffs (tau pok), cabbage, pork chop, ngor hiang and braised pork belly.

Braised Tao Pok (Beancurd Puffs) ($0.50 onwards)

I consider myself a big lover of Tao Pok and the braised Tao Pok is one dish that I never fail to order. The braised sauce (lor zhup) is what makes the Tao Pok exceptionally good and it’s also the same braised sauce used to mix with the signature curry sauce.

Cabbage ($0.70 onwards)

Vege-lovers should not miss the cabbage here. Cooked to perfect softness, this appetizing dish goes really well with both the curry or even on it’s own.

Braised Pork Belly ($1.20 onwards)

This sinful yet irresistible pork belly is one of the stall’s most popular orders. Cut from a whole piece of pork belly using the trademark scissors before pouring the braised source over. Definitely not the healthiest food around but I am sure you would give in!

Fried Pork Chop ($1.20 onwards)

Another popular dish from Scissor Cut, it’s not hard to notice that this is found on everyone else’s plate. It’s either this or the old-style Black Pork Chop. The choice is yours.

The signature thick and starchy curry gravy mixed with braised sauce and this is what makes the Scissor Cut Curry Rice so popular among patrons

French Beans ($0.80 onwards)

If thick, starchy curry gravy and braised sauce suit your appetite, I am sure you wouldn’t want to give Scissor Cut Curry Rice a miss. The dishes across the menu are reasonably good with in my opinion, with some considered more exceptional than others, such as the pork chop, cabbage and braised pork belly. Price wise it’s really reasonable given the quality and taste that the stall delivers. Consider this your next best supper venue since it closes right in the wee hours daily. Although Scissor Cut Curry Rice has been around in Singapore’s food scene for the past few decades I can’t help but to think that the standards have dropped quite a bit over the years. The dishes itself are mostly either lukewarm and even cold in some cases and usually it’s the curry gravy that helps to hot things up a little. However, if you come at the time when the curry gravy isn’t sufficiently hot enough before it is being poured over the rice, you won’t be able to experience the full “shiokness” of Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice so do ask for piping hot curry gravy is available! Ready to queue for the food?

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Beach Road Scissor Cut Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208905

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