Saboreia Cha Cafe @ Cascais, Lisbon

Travelling is an opportunity to making new friends and finding new food haunts abroard. While travelling in Cascais, Lisbon I decided to have a drink as well as rest my feet after a long day of walking . Eventually I spotted this new and rather cool  cafe located near the popular Cascais Central Beach.

Welcome to Saboreia Cha Cafe.

Cascais is located 30 kilometres away from Lisbon, Portugal and was one of my stop-by venue before heading towards Lisbon. It’s central beach known as Praia dos Pescadores is a very well-known and popular attraction among the locals and tourists alike.

Just a 5-minute walk away from the beach was where I spotted Saboreia Cha Cafe, a casual walk-in cafe located at Rua Regimento 19 de Infantaria.

I wouldn’t regard this as a particularly big cafe but having said that, it has this rather welcoming vibe and looks very cozy. I couldn’t help but to step in and take a look.

During my trips to many parts of Europe, it’s not hard to notice that coffee plays a huge part to many Europeans. It’s kind of like a way of life. Whenever I sit down in a particular cafe, people would come in and order a cup of Espresso, before finishing it and get moving again.

I would say that photography helped play a big part in allowing me to connect with others, especially when overseas. I ordered a beverage and as usual, took a shot of it and when it caught the attention of Mr. Nuno Costa, the owner of the cafe.

Nuno has pretty much been in the F&B field for quite a  number of years and when I visited his cafe I was surprised to learn that he had just open this cafe for less than half a year, with much of his experience working elsewhere. Ultimately he decided to go into his own business and Saboreia Cha Cafe was born.

Coffee, tea leaves and pastries are his specialities and from the way he converses with his customers I could sort-of feel his passion towards making great coffee and tea for everyone who ordered. Here’s what was being served during my visit.

I really love the Cappuccino! The coffee is absolutely aromatic that I could smell it  from the corner of the cafe while it is being prepared. I love the creamy and foamy texture that welcome me when I tilt the cup towards me. The Berries Pie is a must-try too. It’s not too sweet and the scoop of ice-cream complements really well.

Nuno also sells an extensive range of tea leaves imported from China as well as tea-sets and coffee-wares. If you are new to tea tasting and unsure of what to look out for, I am sure Nuno is the best person to advise.

Customers from all over are each given a “paper plate” with pens to leave a message for Saboreia Cha Cafe and of course I did!

I think Nuno has managed to pull a great start for Saboreia Cha Cafe as throughout my hour-odd I saw many regulars of the cafe coming by for a cup of brewing hot coffee and chatting up with Nuno. For a moment it hit me, and I thought it would be so much better for Singapore’s F&B scene if every cafe here is like that of Nuno’s. To be fair, we are sort-of getting there but definitely with some miles to go.  I’m not sure when would I be able to go back to Cascais and re-visit Saboreia Cha Cafe but I am sure that Nuno will continue to whip up tasty and appealing pastries and beverages for his customers.

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Saboreia Cha Cafe
Rua Regimento 19
Infantaria Largo Camoes,

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