Indulge at Park @ Grand Park City Hall

Indulge is one of the many words that I always love to use in my food reviews. Hence when I first knew about a popular buffet restaurant located in Grand Park City Hall which uses the same word for the name of the restaurant, I felt a must to give this buffet a try.

This is Indulge at Park which operates under the same hotel group as with Grand Park Orchard where I featured the Open House buffet.

I’ve tried the buffet at Indulge for numerous times and I always love coming back simply because of one main reason – the really decent food offered in it’s buffet. I’ll put it rather simply, it’s not the best of all hotel buffets in Singapore but definitely still worth a visit once in a while.

The restaurant is divided into two sections, one of which is within the restaurant and the other at the open lobby. Getting a seat at the open lobby is always my preferred choice as there’s always live band from a nearby cafe allows me to enjoy some really nice and relaxing music.

Having said that, do choose the seats inside the restaurant if you wish to take pictures as lighting inside the restaurant is more ideal in my opinion if you are having dinner here.

Indulge at Park offers an extensive range of both International and Asian themed buffet throughout the year and I was here recently to try out their International Buffet.

One of the highlights of the buffet here would be the fresh and seafood section, which provides an unlimited serving of fresh oysters, mussels, cold prawns and fresh sashimi. And the best news is, the seafood section is pretty much a “permanent” section here in Indulge at Park.

Whenever I visit the buffet, I would always hit the salad and cold section here to prep up my own appetite.

Serving up that night was some other really good and appetizing dishes. And since a picture is worth more than a thousand words, let’s cut short on the text and focus on the food!

The desserts at Indulge at Park is certainly one of my favourite sections. From pastries to cakes, ice creams to fresh fruits, I am pretty sure one would find their preferred desserts here. If you are a durian lover, note that the durian pengat is a must-try! Kids would most probably love the chocolate fondue here too.

So, is Indulge at Park worth the visit? For me, it is a definite yes otherwise I wouldn’t be here every once in a while. It’s certainly not the best buffet offering in town but it’s not lacking either. For me, I would always do a call-up and check with the restaurant to see what’s the theme for the month before deciding whether to give it a try. Most of the items can be pretty much standard regardless of the theme of the buffet so do call and check what’s the recommended dishes that they are serving and see if it works for you.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0 

Indulge at Park
Grand Park City Hall
Lunch : 12noon – 2.30pm
Mondays to Saturdays
$36++ (Adult), $18++ (Child under 12 years old)
Dinner : 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Mondays to Sundays
48++ (Adult),  $24++ (Child under 12 years old)

Tel: 6432 5888


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