Ah Chiang’s Porridge @ Tiong Poh Road

Pure white, absolutely sticky and piping hot. Who doesn’t love it? I’m referring to the porridge of course.

I took a visit to Ah Chiang’s Porridge located at Tiong Poh Road (Tiong Bahru), which serves up quite a good selection of Cantonese-style porridge.

For many, the only time when porridge is being consumed would be when one is feeling unwell. It is light, filling and an ideal dish to provide sufficient nutrients to assist the body on the road to recovery. Well, that’s what I used to think anyway.

Growing up, porridge has always been one of my favourite types of food. I’m not referring to the type of Teochew-style porridge that I’ve tried at Lim Joo Hin but more so,  the authentic Cantonese-style thick and sticky porridge. It’s ironic I know, since I am actually a Teochew.

I think my love for porridge has alot to do with this particular auntie who was selling really nice and sticky pork porridge at a kopitiam right below the block where I used to stay. I grew up eating her pork porridge before school almost on a daily basis and this goes on until the day that she decided to close the stall for personal reasons. Till this date I still miss the version she whipped up but unfortunately, she has since retired.

So why did I mention the above? Well, I guess without this auntie, I probably wouldn’t know that Cantonese-style porridge could be this good, really. Hence when I first chanced upon Ah Chiang’s Porridge at Tiong Poh Road, I was surprised how much crowd this place managed to draw. I couldn’t help but thought to myself “wow, could this porridge outlet be this good? Perhaps even better than “aunty’s”?”.

Walking into Ah Chiang’s Porridge and I was almost immedately welcomed by the staff and directed to a table. This set up is as simple as a kopitiam could be. A drink’s stall, tao huay stall and of cours Ah Chiang’s.

Looking at the menu, there are mainly 3 types of porridges, mainly fish, century eggs or meat (Pork) based porridges. There are also other types of other orders available, such as the popular freshed sliced raw fish, century eggs and you tiao to go with your hot bowl of porridge.

Forget the other sides.
Both Porridge and You Tiaos ($0.70 a bowl) are pretty much inseperable.

When the bowls of porridges are served onto the table, I was pleasantly surprised by how white and appetizing they are. You know that all the main ingredients are right below that layer of pure white goodness, ready to be discovered. A fair bit of spring onions are added as garnishment with a few drops of fragrant sesame oil being added for added flavour.

Love eggs? Add one to further enhance the porridge for $0.50

I ordered a bowl of standard pork meat porridge ($3.75) for myself. As a first timer to Ah Chiang’s, I simply wanted to try how good the porridge is on it’s own. Hence I did not mix everything up before consuming the porridge.

I put it in my mouth and what hit me was it’s smooth, piping hot texture. It’s not as thick as I would like it to be but should be good enough for most. It’s rather lacking in terms of taste though but after adding in a few drops of light soya sauce and pepper before mixing them up,  that’s when everything changes.

If you like your porridge to be really heavy in terms of taste, do put in sufficient pepper and light soya sauce to your taste and I am pretty sure that the end result would be good enough. Add that egg if you want (highly recommended) and have it well-mixed and evenly distributedwith the porridge so that the entire combination would bring the taste of the porridge up another notch.

Be sure not to have too much spring onions within a spoon of porridge so that it’s not to overwhelming. It should complement the porridge and not cover the taste of other ingredients.

Generous slices of pork are aplenty inside.

Personally I find that the portion of a single bowl of Ah Chiang’s Porridge is quite fulfilling for dinner or late night supper. If you are a big eater, a single bowl may not be enough to fulfill your appetite. When that happens, consider for a serving of the sliced raw fish or century eggs to complement the porridge.

Topped with garnishes such as spring onions, red chillis and lots of sliced ginger, fish lovers would really love this side dish. In fact, this is one of the most popular side dishes among Ah Chiang’s customers. Give it a try!

Ah Chiang’s Porridge certainly did not manage to surpass my expectations towards what I would consider a die-die-must-try Cantonese-style porridge. It’s really decent and there’s no doubt about that but something is just lacking from the porridge. Perhaps I am trying too hard to get the same taste which the “aunty” deliverered back in the good ol’ days. A taste that I have been craving for since many years ago. Having said that, Ah Chiang’s Porridge is certainly a good choice in mind whenever you want to have a decent bowl of piping hot porridge.

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Ah Chiang’s Porridge
Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road,
Singapore 160065
Open till 12AM Daily
Tel: 6557 0084


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