With A Pinch of Salt @ Tanjong Katong

With A Pinch Of Salt is definitely one of the most interesting cafes I’ve ever stepped into. This eye-catching, cartoonish cafe sits along the ever-crowded stretch of Tanjong Katong, known for it’s wide choice of popular good food.

So, is this place all looks but no substance? Let’s find out!

Step into With A Pinch Of Salt and be prepared to be welcomed by the sounds of children having fun in the cafe. It is as though this bright and cheerful cafe is built for kids!

With A Pinch Of Salt has been operating in Tanjong Katong for about 4 years now and it’s quite apparent that the cafe is still going strong and receive much support from it’s loyal customers. I really like how the entire cafe is being decorated. Bright furnitures all over the cafe with fancy-artsy pictures framed upright on the walls. One can’t help but to just feel happy stepping in.

To be utterly honest, I was here mainly for the 1-for-1 pasta credit card promotion from a certain local bank but I was really surpised to see the amount of choices available in it’s menu. From Appetizers to Mains, Burgers to Pastas and even a good selection of desserts, cakes and drinks. I am sure I will re-visit just to try the other types of food but for now, it’s pasta time.

Sissy Crab Pasta ($10.90)

If softshell crabs and tomato-based pasta is your kind of thing, I am sure you will fully enjoy this recommended dish. The deep-fried softshell crab is quite good and not to oily for my taste. The tomato herb sauce is made in-house by the chef with a touch of cheese being added for the added kick. The portion is alright and one should be able to finish the entire plate of pasta without feeling too heavy.

Aglio Olio & Bacon Spaghetti ($8.90)

Just the way I like my pasta to be. Aglio Olio is always my favourite cooking style. Who could ever resist the combination of olive oil with fragrant garlic taste mixed with fresh mushrooms and bacon bits? The Aglio Olio & Bacon pasta is quite well-executed by the chef. Again, it’s not too oily for taste but towards the end of the plate it is a little bit dry.

In The Farm Yard Platter ($14.90)

Definitely ideal for sharing, this Farm Yard Platter consists some of the favourite finger foods which both kids and adult alike would love to put into their mouths. This huge platter consists of chicken nuggets, potato wedges, chipolatas topped with bbq sauce, fried fish and deep-fried chicken wings. Of all items on the plate, I find the chicken wings being the only one worth a mention. It’s well-fried and absolutely crispy on the outside.

It’s only a cafe, don’t take it so seriously..

Of the food I’ve tried during my first visit, the food certainly didn’t disappoint. Although this time round the focus was pretty much on the pastas, I find the standards of the food were pretty much acceptable and I would definitely love to try the rest of the items in the menu some day. Overall the service quality is okay and the wait for the food to be delivered onto the table was within acceptable limits. I will definitely be back.

PS: With A Pinch Of Salt also does provide to it’s customer as a venue for special events such as birthday parties and private events. If you want to avoid disappointment or prefers to dine in a much quieter crowd, do call in and check their schedule! If you are a mom or dad planning to hold a fantastic birthday bash for your special one, consider here!

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

With A Pinch Of Salt
297 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437080
Tel: 6348 2297
Opening Hours
Mondays to Thursday & Sunday: 11AM to 11PM
Fridays & Saturdays: 11AM to 2AM


One response to “With A Pinch of Salt @ Tanjong Katong

  1. What a lovely and fresh cafe! Its cute outlook and colorful wall catch my eyes instantly. Its lovely chief cartoon girl is everywhere and it should be the logo of the cafe. Inside of the cafe, the decorations are so pretty which should have many young people to come especially girls!:) I like the fancy windows, fresh flowers, lots of cartoon pictures on the wall, colorful chairs and tables, lovely chandeliers and the pink color walls. Only the setting, I am captured by this cafe. For the food, although they are not special, they look good. I love pasta, both tomato sauce and cheese sauce. And their pastas do look good at least I want to try only seeing the pictures. Especially the Aglio Olio & Bacon Spaghetti, it looks so rich and delicious! I’m drooling!:) A Pinch Of Salt is really a good place. Not only for it’s wide choice of popular good food, but also bright and cheerful feel like home environment. It is good for friends gathering: chatting with each others, playing cards and board games. Or good for children and parents: kids love colorful things and parents feel younger in this lovely place. Or good for being alone: spending an afternoon inside the cafe is quite a relax thing for me!

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