6,000 Views For June 2012!

To be really honest, very seldom would I check my readership stats but when I did so earlier today out of curiosity, I was pleasantly surprised that foodiedoo has managed to grew steadily in terms of readership since January this year!

The best news of all is that foodiedoo managed to surpassed the 6,000 page hits mark in June 2012. That is 21 times the amount of readership in comparison to the same month in 2011! Definitely, 6,000 is not a lot in comparison to other more popular food blogs out there but this really came as a surprise for me and I am really encouraged by each and everyone who visits the site.

Whether you have been following foodiedoo on a regular basis or otherwise, I sincerely thank each and everyone of you out there for popping by! I am now even more motivated than ever to bring better food reviews for my readers knowing that there are actually people reading foodiedoo. 

Once again, thank you and feel free to leave any comments that you might have or email me for any suggestions on how to make the site even better, or even just for a casual chat! I would be more than happy to engage further with all the foodies out there.

To keep up to date with foodiedoo, do follow us on Facebook, Twitter and also Instagram (@foodiedoo).

foodiedoo, where foodies hang out.

Jimmy Oh 


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