Best of Holland Village Food Centre

Holland Village (or Holland V as it’s commonly called) is one location which is popular among expatriates and also a choice venue among nightlife-goers. If you visit Holland Village often enough, it’s not hard task to feel the different vibes between night and day at this unique venue. This time round we are not here for the wine, cafes or restaurants in this area. Quite the contrary, we are back to the good-ol’ hawker center.

Welcome to Holland Village Market & Food Center.

Located at Lorong Mambong, Holland Village Market and Food Centre is one popular lunch venue among the Holland Village residents and the office crowd from nearby offices. We consider this food centre to be on the smaller side of the scale and it’s a common sight to see the place fully filled during lunch and dinner hours.

Car parking used to be a big problem around this area but things has gotten better ever since a multi-storey car park was built nearby. Moreover, commuters can now choose to come here via the new Circle Line and stop at the station of the same name, something that couldn’t ever be done in the past. Talk about convenience!

Compared to other hawker centers, Holland Village doesn’t have the luxury of space in this small neighbourhood thus resulting in a much smaller hawker center being built. Consequently, finding seats here during peak hours can also be quite challenging. Having said that, despite the less-than-usual numbers of stalls here, there are quite a number of decent, cheap and good food available. I’ve come up with a Top 3 stalls which i think it’s definitely worth a try. Here goes nothing!

1. Chang Sheng Western Food

Surprisingly, despite the rather limited number of stalls here there are actually two stalls that are selling western food and Chang Sheng is definitely my favourite among the two. From your typical Chicken Cutlet to Fish n Chips, Spaghettis to Fried Rice, Chang Sheng Western Food serves a good range of delectable yet reasonably priced western cuisines.

Chicken Cutlet Spaghetti ($5.50)

Chang Sheng serves two main types of Spaghettis. You can have either have it in tomato-based or mushroom cream sauce, depending on your liking. I like the latter better as I find the cream sauce is consistently smooth and easy on the tastebuds. A typical portion would come with the main, spaghatti, beans and coleslaw but feel free to opt out any of the sides or change them to fries without additional costs!

Fish n Chips ($5.50)

As with other fried-based mains, the Fish n Chips here is definitely crispy on the outside due to the excellent batter used and the white fish meat used is  fresh, firm and absolutely tender. The frozen fish fillet are deep fried to perfection with the oil well-drained away. Well, less oil is always good for the health conscious, no? I also quite like the tartar sauce which complements well with the crispy fish and fries.

Chicken Chop ($5.50)

Huge, chunky and really tender. Using a grill pan, the chef is able to consistently serve up a plate of well-grilled chicken chop with the skin just so slightly crispy. The sauce used to top over this huge chunk of meat would be the not-so-spicy but aromatic black pepper thick sauce. Accompanied with baked beans, sunny side-up and fries, this is definitely one of my favourites whenever the craving kicks in.

Rating: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

2.Commonwealth Crescent Fei Zai Eatery

This popular stall operated by a pair of brothers never fail to attract a good crowd of office ladies during lunch time…. for their food of course! I say, forget the beef brisket or fishball noodles. The real good stuff here would be the prawn noodles! The brothers have come up with a really good prawn noodle recipes that leaves foodies come back for more each time.

Prawn Noodles ($4 onwards) with dry and soup variants.

Comes in either dry or soup variants, both types of prawn noodles are equally good in my opinion. The prawns are consistently fresh, each with the shells removed by hand. The soup base comes with a very strong prawn flavour due to hours of boiling with prawn heads and shells left in the stock to enhance the overall taste. The result? Sweet and really flavourful stock to match the noodles!

Inside the bowl you will find a generous serving of ingredients. Plenty of prawns with tender fishcakes and pork slices to heighten your sense of taste.

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

3. Xiang Ji Hainanese Chicken Rice, Porridge and Noodles

Located at the far right corner of the hawker center is also another stall that trails a queue right beside it. Xiang Ji is pretty much popular for it’s Hainanese Chicken Rice but the Charsiew (Roasted Pork) Rice and noodles-based items are pretty decent as well.

Hainanese Chicken Rice with Charsiew and Braised Eggs

I love the roasted chicken here. The flavours are locked in very well and the roasted skin is simply irresistible. The charsiew, although nothing to shout about, is still pretty decent and both the charsiew and chicken goes quite well together. If you love vegetables, be sure to order their stir-fry cabbage which provides an added crunch to the meal. Take note though, as the chilli sauce from this stall is quite potent!

Roasted Duck with Charsiew and Dumpling Kuay Teow ($5)

As I mentioned earlier, the noodle-based dishes here are equally good as well. The kuay teow here is delicate and smooth, primarily because of the sauce used to accompany the noodles. For just $5, there’s plenty of ingredients. Try it and you would most likely love it.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

There are definitely a few more others stalls (such as Holland V Fried Bee Hoon) which I have tried and really do deserved to be mentioned but for now, enjoy these reviews and I will definitely be back to the food center to try out other worthy stalls.

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