New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice @ Alexandra Village Hawker Center

Whenever lunch time comes, this popular duck rice stall at Alexandra Village Hawker Center never fails to draw a long queue. Let’s find out what makes the duck rice here tick!

Most people probably don’t know that this famous duck rice stall was once operating at Teowchew Street Hawker Center ten over years ago before shifting to the current Alexandra Village Hawker Centre.

Since the good ol’ days back at Teochew Street, the braised duck here has captivated many foodie’s tastebuds due to the traditional “lor” – the essence of a braised duck. The braised sauce is not-so-oily, fragrant and very flavourful. One could probably eat a bowl of plain rice with nothing but the braised sauce over it.

What I like about the braised duck here, apart from the sauce, is how the duck meat is being prepared by the chef. I ordered half a duck’s worth of duck meat and the chef practically spared no parts untouched. If you prefer to have your braised duck eaten together with the delicate and smooth duck skin, you are in for a treat.

Each slice of the tender, firm duck meat comes with the braised duck skin perfectly attached to the meat itself. Be sure that dip each slice of the duck meat with the fragrant braised sauce for best results!

Another speciality of this duck rice stall is definitely the Braised Pork ($2 onwards), Innards ($3 onwards), Beancurd and Braised Eggs. For those health conscious foodies the Braised Pork is definitely something that is not so appealing. Made up of mainly fats, the Braised Pork consist of meat and fats from a pig’s head area. That said, you can always go for the healthier alternatives such as the beancurds and eggs which is quite good also. If you like Duck Wings you can also order for $1.50 each.

There are two types of chilli available for it’s customers. One of which comes with stronger garlic and vinegar taste (which Teochew should like it better) and the other which is more of like Kway Chup-style chilli. I definitely prefer the former to go with the duck meat.

Personally, I prefer the braised sauce and duck meat better here as compared to the version served at South Buona Vista’s Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice. The braised sauce is not as starchy which is gentle on the stomach, smooth to down it with rice and definitely much more fragrant. An utterly satisfying meal awaits you are New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice. All you have to do is to pull through the wait at the queue!

Ratings: 5.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

New Market Teochew Braised Duck Rice
Alexandra Village Hawker Center
Blk 120, Bukit Merah Lane 1


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