Ambush @ Bishan Junction 8

Having been back from Europe for just about a month or so, it didn’t take a long time for me to crave for some decent and authentic European food. I walked past a mall the other day I chanced upon this lovely looking casual restaurant.

Welcome to Ambush!

Ambush is located on the second floor of the popular heartland mall Junction 8, with another branch situated at Jurong Point. Decked mainly in dark wood façade with brown furnishing, Ambush does indeed gives out a rather European vibe with a touch of casual undertone.

Stepping into this casual dining restaurant and it’s not hard to realize that the entire restaurant isn’t very big but nevertheless comfortably sized. What is apparently would be the level of service that the waiting staffs provide.

It didn’t take me long to appreciate the quality of service here. From the entrance to the table, the waiting staff is prompt in service and certainly very courteous.

The menu design is rather interesting, seemingly newspaper like with just a centre-fold and the “headlines” read A Piece of Europe On Your Plate. I can’t help but wonder how accurate this headline is?

Ambush serves a very wide spread of food. And I do really mean wide!

From Appetizer to Salad, Belgium cuisine to SwissGerman Wurst, Entree to Authentic Spanish Paella. The menu does indeed has all the hallmarks of some really delectable European food. So what was on the table this evening?

Big Rosti ($6.80)

This authentic Swiss dish was considered a popular breakfast item back in the good ol’ days but is now enjoyed by many from all over the world. The amount of potatoes here is generous, all very well pan-fried to golden brown on the outside. Having said that, the chef might be a little too generous on the oil as well. It would be good if it’s not so oily. Accompanying the rosti is the must-dip sour cream but personally I find the sour cream taste to be a little lacking.

Mixed Pot Mussels with Vin Blanc (White Wine) Sauce ($15.20 – Small)

I first tried the Mussels when I was in Brussels last year and what Ambush serves here is exactly the same as what I’ve tried back then, which is have the mussels served with French Fries. Served in White Wine sauce, the mussels are very well-cooked and the Vin Blanc sauce is very aromatic with garlic and herbs used in the sauce. It’s rather close to the version I tried in Belgium but definitely can be better in terms of serving and overall taste. Ambush also serves a larger pot of mussels for those with a larger appetite or for sharing!

Char-Grilled Rib Eye with Whole Grain Mustard Brown Sauce 200g ($18.90)

Accompanied with a good serving of salad and french fries, the rib eye steak is very well-grilled. Tender yet firm, the rib eye steak isn’t overly hard (as with the case for poorly grilled steak) and the whole grain mustard brown sauce goes pretty well with the steak. It’s not the best steak I’ve tried but definitely decent.

Ambush certainly has managed a certain standard when it comes to its food quality. It offers a great alternative for those who wants to indulge in some reasonably priced yet decent European cuisines all under one roof. I would definitely love to try out their Spanish Paellas and SwissGerman Wurst and Italian Pasta dishes to complete the entire “European” experience.

Ratings: 4.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Bishan Place, #02-19
Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Singapore 579837
Tel: 6353 3960


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