Mesón de Cándido @ Segovia

Segovia is one of the world’s oldest cities with the city itself and its famous aqueduct being very well-known all over the world. foodiedoo takes a visit to this atmospheric old city in Spain which has been declared as a World Heritage by UNESCO back in 1985. Being a foodie, that also also goes without saying that one must be here to try the “die-die-must-eat” Roast Suckling Pig at the famous Mesón de Cándido.

The first thing that caught my eyes upon arrival to Segovia is no doubt the tall and magnificent Roman Aqueduct. Located at Plaza del Azoguejo, the aqueduct is dated as far back late 1st century.

Mesón de Cándido has been operating in the same location for many decades. Ideally located right at the base of the aqueduct, it is also one of the best place to find food around the area.

The restaurant is run by the Cándido family and is now in running by the 5th generation of the family.  The restaurant itself has six different dining rooms.

Well-known for its roasted suckling pig (which is one of the more popular spanish foods around), the roasted suckling pig is cut using the edge of a ceramic plate before the plate is being thrown on the floor, breaking it to pieces to signify good luck (and probably a good stress-breaker). Before I move on, I would like to reiteratre on the point that one should not expect the roast suckling pig here from the version that the Chinese are usually accustomed to.

Let’s see how it’s done.

The roasted suckling pig is magnificently presented after some 30 minutes wait

The innkeeper of the restaurant comes out in a grand fashion and presents the roasted suckling pig to the diners

The Innkeeper talks and impresses

..and finally the cutting begins using a ceramic plate

…and it all ended with the plate being thrown for good luck!

Finally, the various part of the roasted suckling pig is distributed among patrons in the restaurant who made the orders.

I was served a section of the pig’s hind leg section. The roasted skin is crispy and pork meat is really tender on the inside.  The overall taste is quite acceptable but non-meat lovers might find the pork taste to be a tad to strong for liking. The in-house special sauce is accompanied with the pork.

Sopa Castellana Siglo XV a.k.a 15th-century Castilian Soup

Another speciality of the Mesón de Cándido is the 15th-century Castilian Soup which has is a combination of small chunks of ham, strips of day-old toasted bread with eggs lightly beaten on the crusty brown surface. This might look like a spicy bowl of soup but it actually isn’t. The taste is rather unique and leaves a pleasant after taste in the mouth. Worth the try in my opinion.

Cod in Garlic Cream Arreiro

I was rather let down by the Cod in Garlic Cream Arriero because what was being served on the plate was just a piece of cod fish with the garlic cream sauce on it and nothing else. That said, the fish is absolutely fresh and has very firm texture. The sauce might be abit too salty for some (as with quite a few other Spanish dishes) but for me its still quite acceptable and not too garlicky.

Grilled Beefsteak

Huge and sizzling good. The Grilled Beefsteak is served on a hot plate to ensure that the steak stays as hot as it is after taking it off the grill. Accompanied with red pepper, chips and half a lemon, the medium rare steak I ordered is probably one of the most “bloody” steak I have come across. That said, the steak itself is definitely one of the largest and well-grilled steak I have ever tasted. The flavours are locked in perfectly and should really be enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.

Having tried the food at Mesón de Cándido, it’s no wonder why this iconic restaurant managed to stay in business at the same location for the past few decades. Some difficulties were encountered when it comes to ordering the food with the waiting staff and service quality could definitely be improved in many ways but all in all the food didn’t disappoint and that’s pretty much good enough for me. So, if you are visiting Segovia some day, do remember to visit this historic inn restaurant!

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Meson de Candido 
Azoguejo, 5
40001 Espana
Tel: 921 425911
Website and Reference


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