The Tunnel Bar & Restaurant @ Gibraltar

Having spent 2 weeks in Spain, Gibraltar and Portugal, there is no doubt that I miss our local food during my vacation there. Don’t get me wrong. Food in Europe was great but being the typical guy from Singapore it didn’t take long for me to start missing the local delicacies. For the next couple of posts I am glad to share with my readers some of the food I’ve tried during my recent trip.

Note that this is not a food trip in Europe, hence there were only a handful of opportunities for me to find restaurants worth heading for. And here’s one of them.

Welcome to foodiedoo’s first overseas blog post.


The Tunnel located at Gibraltar is pretty well-known among locals for its reasonably priced food. I’m pretty glad I chose this place for lunch. Find out why!

Located at Casemates Square in Gibraltar, The Tunnel Bar Restaurant immediately caught my eyes while I was looking out for food within the square. The entire restaurant was almost fully packed with during lunch time and as I was sitting down at the table I was, in my mind, hoping that the crowd is here for good reasons, such as good food.

Since Gibraltar is considered as an overseas British territory, most people located and working on this 6.8 square kilometres densely populated city are able to communicate in English.

During my trip, temperatures around Southern Spain were hovering around the low 20-degrees with the bright sun shining accompanied with very cooling winds. As I was traveling quite abit within Gibraltar prior to this lunch, I decided to go for some juices and beer to quench my thirst.

I looked through the menu while enjoying the juices and house beer. Despite having looked at the same page for a good while, I was indecisive on what to order. Feeling somewhat lost, I asked the friendly waiting staff for recommendations and was advised that this roast and mixed-grill bar restaurant sells lots of Fish & Chips on a daily basis. Get me a serving, I said.

Fish & Chips (£5.95)

Considered as a rather popular take-away food in Britain, the Fish & Chip can be considered one of the easiest to cook but somewhat difficult to master western dish. I considered the chefs at The Tunnel would have perfected this dish to the extent that lots of this deep-fried battered fish served with fries are sold in massive quantity each day.

Cut the deep-friend battered fish and it soon became apparent why this is a favourite among many patrons. Fresh, pure white cod fish fillet underneath the crispy, thick and crunchy deep-fried coating. Accompaniments with the fish is a good serving of salad, and huge chunks of crispy, golden fries.

All these with the must-dip tartare sauce and you are in for a really hearty meal.

I love the packaging of the tartare sauce!

Did I also mention that the serving of the fish is so huge that I almost couldn’t finish it? Definitely worth the money and goes really well with the house beer.

Fillet of SwordFish (£9.95)

This is one rare dish seldom seen in Singapore. What you have here on the plate is a good serving of fresh, grilled swordfish fillet accompanied with salads and fries. I very much love the flame frilled char-taste on the surface of the fillet. The meat is firm and truly satisfying. Overall, no complains!

I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at The Tunnel. Unlike having a meal outdoors on our sunny little island, spending a good afternoon in Casemates Square, Gibraltar is one very special experience for me. The weather was pretty much perfect . With really good food, surrounded by friendly and attentive staff, The Tunnel didn’t disappoint me at all. At one point, I accidentally dropped my knife on the floor halfway through the meal and didn’t asked for a new one but guess what? An attentive staff probably saw my clumsiness with the utensils and came forth to give me a new one. This is something I have yet to experience so far in local restaurants. How’s that for service?

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

The Tunnel
Casemates Square, Gibraltar
Tel: 00 350 44878


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