Graze @ Rochester Park

Over the weekend I decided to check out this chic and contemporary dining venue and I asked myself, why didn’t I visit this place much, much earlier?

Since it first opening back in 2006, Graze has now two restaurants on our tiny little island, with it’s original opening at Rochestor Park while the ‘sister restaurant’ at 38 Martin Road. I popped by the original restaurant that started it all.

Located in the same vicinity as Starbucks @ Rochestor Park which I reviewed late last year, Graze stands within the old colonial-style buildings of what used to be bungalows during the post-WWII era. There are two floors of dining area and also an outdoor space for those who prefer.

Step inside and you will notice the contemporary interior decoration with a touch of vintage in its furnitures. Long tables are available for those coming by in bigger groups.

Throughout the week, Graze caters food for those with different sorts of craving. From the irresistible weekend brunch choices, BBQ meat and seafood, sandwiches and delectable lunch & dinner mains and desserts, one is simply spoilt for choices.

As usual (and as typically being me), I was here for a lazy afternoon brunch. Let’s see what’s on the table this time round.

Signature Cast Iron Pan ($25)

This is definitely one of the most beautiful and plentiful brunch presentation I have ever seen despite having ate so many other brunch items elsewhere.

The Signature Cast Iron Pan is made up of a single fried hens egg accompanied with bratwurst, lots of bacon strips, grilled tomato, sautéed mushrooms, potato and baked beans. Hungry already?

I have no complains with any of the items on the plate and every single item really compliment with others on the plate. It’s also worth sharing that the bratwurst sausage, bacon and sautéed mushrooms are really quite good. However, if you are the health-conscious type, this might not be the preferred choice of brunch as it gets quite oily towards the bottom of the pan.

On a related note, I would have to give a word of caution for the Signature Cast Iron Pan. It’s really, really sizzling hot so do be very careful not to burn yourself. I accidentally did and trust me, it wasn’t pleasant.

Eggs Benedict ($21)

Eggs Benedict is definitely one of those brunch items that one should never get tired of eating. There are two types of Eggs Benedict to choose from, together with shaved ham and toasted muffins. You can choose to go with either smoked salmon with chives or spinach with mushrooms option. I went for the former.

Overall the Eggs Benedict is good but I personally find that there’s probably a bit too much lemon in the hollandaise sauce to my liking. That said, the poached eggs are huge and the rest of the ingredients are fresh but one can’t help but probably think that it’s also a bit too expensive.

Despite the slightly expensive food, I really like Graze for its food quality and not to mention the unique dining experience that the venue  provides. Then again, I can’t help but to say about its service standard. To find a good word, there’s no “passion” found in the waiting staff. Most of them just seems to be “just working” and there isn’t enough attention given to the customers. In fact, when I did ask for a refill of water, the request was acknowledged but never delivered. I would love to pay abit more for good service but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. This place could easily be a fiver but sorry, not this time round.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out for 5.0

Graze (Rochestor Park)
4 Rochester Park
Singapore 139215
Tel: 6775 9000


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