L’etoile Cafe @ Owen Road

A pretty cafe with nice decor but is the food as good as the place looks?

Let’s find out.

Finding L’etoile location is probably as hard as it is to pronounce the name of the cafe (click here if you are trying to figure out how to pronounce the word).

What I like most about this indie-inspired cafe is that it is quite affordable and by the word affordable, I meant I see none of its menu items cost beyond $10, which is definitely a good thing, or is it?

Stepping into L’etoile and you are invited by the cafe’s bright settings and unique decor. The cafe has two levels, which I would recommend you to just go towards the upper floor if it’s going to be your first visit.

Allow me to reemphasize on watching your steps while going up the stairs

It’s easy to see the owner of L’etoile putting in quite a bit of effort to give L’etoile a rather unique vibe. You will find both modern and vintage furnitures all around the caf and it’s really easy to notice the ample spaces between the tables. It’s inviting, really. As you can simply find your favourite spot after taking your orders and start to live in your own world within the space of your table.

From pies to waffles and tea to coffee-based beverages, you will find quite abit of standard items on the cafe menu. I was at L’etoile during the weekends and it was great to know that they serve a tiny selection of brunch items as well.

Big Breakfast ($9.50)

The Big Breakfast here is really a combination of breakfast items here and there. For it’s price, there are really no complains for you got to have your preferred style of eggs, strips of bacons, some potatoes and mushrooms complete with sausages and buttery toasts.

French Toast with Honey ($5.90)

French Toast is something that I always love as a breakfast item. It’s simple to do and incredibly delicious. Never did I expect that something already this good can be better by just adding honey though. Fluffy, eggy and definitely juicy. The French Toast here is worth the try.

Eggs Benedict ($5.90)

If you are expecting a pair of eggs benedict served with full breakfast items, sorry to disappoint as the eggs benedict here comes in a single serving. What you get here is a standard bagel, topped with ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It’s not bad actually, but in my case the egg was overly cooked. As far is poached eggs are concern, the yolk should be runny but definitely not on my plate.

Homemade Waffles with Blueberry Gelato ($5.90)

For some unknown reason I had quite high expectations for the waffles here, probably because of the very unique geleto flavours available on the menu but truth be told, not just did the waffles fail to meet my expectations, it totally failed. The blueberry gelato was pretty good but the pair of waffles were very, very hard that it would take some really strong teeth to eat. Halfway down the first piece of waffle and I totally gave up eating.

Cappucino ($4.50)

No complains about the coffee here. The Cappucino is decent but would definitely prefer a larger cup for its price.

There’s also a small selection of flavoured Gryphon Teas for you to choose from at $5.90 per pot.

L’etoile is definitely a pretty looking cafe but my two-cent comments would be that this cafe is probably a good place to chill with your friends over a cup of coffee but definitely not somewhere to come solely for the food (well, maybe the Big Breakfast but that’s about it). The weekend brunch items may be inexpensive but I would rather spend the same amount of money elsewhere for something alot better elsewhere. No doubt, L’etoile doesn’t charge you any service charge or additional taxes but that doesn’t justify sufficiently for me to revisit the place for the food.

Ratings: 2.5 out of 5 foodiedoos

160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953
Tel: 6298 2872

Opening Hours: Tues – Sun from 9am till 8pm
Closed on Mondays

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