Spruce @ Phoenix Park

To be quite honest I have not heard of Phoenix Park until the very day I decided to give Spruce a visit. Known for its good food and unique location, here’s why its worth the trip despite its location is not in the last word of convenient.


Phoenix Park is located right along Tanglin Road where the former Ministry of Home Affairs was located. Surrounded by many colonial and modern houses, Spruce can be considered as being strategically located among the expat and local communities around the area.

I would describe Spruce as a rather huge cafe. I took a walk around the place and noticed that there’s both indoor and outdoor seating areas and even a private dining area which is ideal for those who want absolute privacy and have a meal together with family and friends. There’s even a bar area as well within the main seating area.

I personally quite like the clean and simple interior design of the cafe. The high v-inverted v-shape ceiling makes the place look even more spacious and overall lighting is quite adequate in the day (good for photography!).

As usual, it was a weekend when I visited the area and weekends usually mean a must-to-have-eggs day. Here are my selections for the day.

The Spruce British Brekkie ($18)

I sort-of had a hard time making the choice between The Spruce British Brekkie vs the non-British variant, of which the main differences between the two are the choice of sausages and having baked beans on the plate. I went for the former but to be honest I was abit disappointed in its overall serving size and presentation.

I do quite like the bacon and mushrooms but the rest were pretty much standard . To put it simply, there isn’t enough “oomph” to make me order this breakfast again. I would say there are much better “Big Breakfast” out there.

Option to have Beer ($24) or Sparkling Wine ($29) with the breakfast available too.

Soft Scramble Eggs with Avruga Caviar and Smoked Norwegian Salmon ($18)

I consider this dish to be quite a leap from the British Big Brekkie in terms of both serving portion and taste. In fact, the scramble eggs were so generously portioned that one can hardly finish it. Smoked salmon covers the entire portion of the scramble eggs and the caviar generously topped. If you love salmon and caviar, this is a must have!

Hot Chocolate ($6) and Freshly Squeeze Orange ($5)

In short, I would love to have more consistency in terms of the food’s serving size . Having said that, the food quality and overall taste is still very much acceptable. I also didn’t manage to try the cafe’s signature dish, the Spruce Burger ($17) but it’s something I would definitely want to get my taste buds on in my next visit.

Also its worth to note that during our weekend visit, the entire cafe was almost full in terms of capacity and we were told by the staff that this is the “norm”. So do reserve to avoid disappointment and waiting.

PS: Brunch served till 4.00pm (last order 3.45pm)

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Spruce Restaurant, Bar & Bakery
320 Tanglin Road,
Phoenix Park
Singapore 247980
Tel: 6836 5528


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