Boulangerie @ Festive Hotel

Just the other day I happen to walk past Boulangerie, a fanciful-looking cafe located in Festive Hotel and saw that it is currently serving a rather affordable $25++ Afternoon Tea Set.

The question is, what do you exactly get for your money? Let’s find out.

Boulangerie, located at the lobby of Festive Hotel in Resorts World Sentosa, is a modern patisserie that serve unique pastry creations by renowned baker Michael Lim.

To be honest, there isn’t much of a choice when it comes to looking for cheap food at the RWS, for it is either a choice of between the restaurants, coffee houses or cafes within the area. Craving for some “somewhat reasonably priced” food, I decided to give Boulangerie’s Afternoon Tea a try.

For $25++ per pax, you get a good assortment of patisseries, sandwich, some dim-sum items, cakes, some kueh-kueh and of course, a serving of either tea or coffee (yes. just one serving).

Let’s take a closer look on what’s being served.

Right on top, we have some Lychee Tart, Kueh Dadar, Layer Cake and a Custard Puff.

Nothing out of the ordinary here but the Kueh Dadar and Lychee Tart are refreshingly good.

In the middle section we have some bite-size serving of Hainanese Chicken Burger, California Maki, Duck Tart and Kueh Pie Tee.

I would say that the highlight here are the Hainanese Chicken Burger and Duck Tart. The Hainanese Chicken Burger comes with two chunky slices of chicken topped with ginger which gives it the Hainanese flavour and the Duck Tart is chunky.

On the bottom, a mixture of sweet and salty items such as the Deep Fried Prawn, Durian Cream Puff, Char Siew Sou and Mango Custard but I find none of these good enough worth shouting about. It’s decent, but not extraordinary.

For the drink, I went for the Peppermint Mocha Latte but unfortunately it’s a bit diluted for my taste.

All in all, I wouldn’t consider the Afternoon Tea Set here to be worth my money. The food here, in my opinion, is nothing to shout about and only a few items are worth eating. And that’s pretty much about it. That said, I will be on the constant lookout for better High Tea elsewhere!

Ratings: 2.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Festive Hotel
12 Artillery Avenue (Sentosa)
Singapore 099958
Tel: 6577 8888
Opens Daily: 10:00am – 7:00pm


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