Beanstro @ Marina Bay Sands

The popular coffee and tea company which has a long time presence in Singapore took a recent shift in gear from the usual serving of coffee, tea, pastas and pastries.

Welcome to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Beanstro. Now serving a good range of bistro-style food at Marina Bay Sands.

If you ever been to Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes, it’s not hard to notice that alongside one of its indoor “canals” are dining tables filled with customers having a good time indulging in good food and coffee from a certain restaurant.

Beautifully crafted man-rowed “sampans” would occasionally take a casual stream down the indoor central canal where for those take a seat outdoors would be able to enjoy a rather different view which sort of enhances the dining experience.

Walk past the store, the usual decor and take-away service expected from the usual The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf stands but look closer and you will realize that it’s actually more than that.

The number of tables inside the cafe is probably not as many compared to the “outdoor” setting but having spotted the comfy-looking cushion seats I couldn’t help but to request for a table within (and by the way, they are really comfortable!).

Service-wise is acceptably good. Waiting staff in general are warm, friendly and prompt.

Food-wise, be prepared for a really long list of items:

  • Breakfast-All-Day (Served with coffee or tea till 11am daily. Add juice at $2 option available) such as Griddles and Egg-based items
  • Soup such as Lobster Bisque ($9.50) or Asparagus Soup ($8)
  • Salads like the Yellow-Fin Tuna Nicoise ($19) or Caesar Salad ($13)
  • Quiches such as the Classic Lorraine or Mushroom ($7.50)
  • Grilled and Open-Face Sandwiches such as Caprese ($15.50) or the Beanstro Steak Sandwich ($19.50)
  • Pasta items include Seafood in Tomato Sauce wrapped in Cartoccio  ($26) or the all-time favourite Aglio Olio ($14)
  • Mains include Sirlion Steak and Salmon Wellington ($24)
  • Side options include Skinny Fries ($5) and Mozzarelia Fritters ($6)

Craving for some Breakfast-All-Day, it didn’t take me long to decide on my order. Here’s what I’ve tried during my visit.

Beanstro Breakfast Platter ($18)

One of the Chef’s Recommended items on its Breakfast-All-Day menu, the Beanstro Breakfast Platter comes with generous serving of eggs of any style (scrambled or sunny-side up), grilled chipotle sausage, mushroom ragout, gratin tomato and crusty bread.

This is one order for the very-hungry ones. Tons of scrambled eggs and I quite like the toasts. Crunchy, addictive and well-flavoured with butter. The Chipotle Sausages are aplenty and I could barely finish all of them. The mushroom ragout might taste a tad too “mushroom-ish” for some but personally I find it okay and acceptable.

Eggs Benedict ($17) with added Smoked Salmon ($5)

What you have here are Poached Eggs and Turkey Ham topped on toasted Vienna Bread, accompanied with mixed Mesclun Tomato Gratin and Home-Made Hollandaise Sauce. The Vienna Bread is really thick and fluffy which goes very well with the Turkey Ham.

However, I do have one problem with the Poached Eggs. One of the eggs was too cooked that it basically into hard-boiled yolk. The kitchen might just want to take note of that. No complains on the added Smoked Salmon and the rest of the items though.

Beanstro Open-Faced Steak Sandwich ($19.50)

Another Chef Recommended item in its menu, what you have here are shaved Sirloin served with mixed Mesclun, gherkins and topped with caramelized onion, roasted pepper and horseradish mayonnaise accompanied by the side. The sirloin is cooked to medium rare so do let the kitchen know if you prefer it to be well done.

Smoked Salmon Open-Face Sandwich ($19.00)

Lots and lots of smoked salmon on top of the bread. This is one dish for those who really love smoked salmon. The fish is accompanied with capers, raw onions and dill creme fraiche.

Skinny Fries with Mesquite Aioli ($5)

Good enough for 2-3 pax to share, the skinny fries here is quite good actually. If you love garlic then its definitely a must to dip these golden brown sticks into the Mesquite Aioli sauce. I personally couldn’t get enough of the sauce that I asked for another serving.

Shrimps and Crab Quiche ($7.50)

The Shrimps and Crab Quiche is pretty decent. Not fantastic, but not bad either.

 Pancakes ($13)

3 decently fluffed pancakes with mixed berries, whipped cream and a serving of maple syrup. The pancakes are ideal for sharing with friends and the mixed blueberry and strawberries are perfect accompaniments to the pancakes. Maple syrup is not as thick as I would prefer but it’s all good.

Battered Pacific Dory ($21)

Definitely one of the Beanstro’s popular orders, the Battered Pacific Dory comes with either a choice of whipped potato or fries. Accompanied with a small serving of salad, this hearty deep fried dish makes it a very good choice for those who loves fried food. The dory fish fillet is fresh and the batter is decently good. Golden on the outside and white on the inside, it’s worth giving this dish a try.

Black Forest Ice Blended w Whipped Cream ($7.50)

Coming to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, let’s not forget about the drinks either. No doubt the food has been satisfying  so far but to make your meal even better, try the Black Forest Ice Blended which is one of my favourite ice blended drinks from the cafe’s menu. Yes, this drink, in my opinion, is better than some of Starbuck’s Frappucino beverages.

Great ambience, casual setting, decent service and really good food. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Beanstro has successfully delivered in their first bistro attempt albeit at not so economical prices. Yes, I do admit that most of the food items here are considered pricey but have said that, the food here is really that good that I told myself I will be back for more. Now, that’s for sure.

Ratings: 4.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Canal Level
Tel: 6688 7001
Opening Hours
10am to 11pm from Sunday to Thursday
10am to 2am for Friday and Saturday

3 responses to “Beanstro @ Marina Bay Sands

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  2. hi,

    We had a dinner at Beanstro Marina Bay Sands last tuesday night 7:30-7:40pm September 25. The place was really nice and clean, the food was also good but the service was really bad. Me, my wife and my friend dined in the restaurant hoping for a unique dining experience. We ordered 2 steaks,1 salmon and coffee’s, after that we ask for ice water and the guy was not happy when we request ice water (supervisor) from him. The one who took order was a guy in his late 20’s and we don’t remember the name but he is supervisor. I told my wife its ok never mind him. After 8 minutes we ask for ice water again cos he didn’t give us ice water and you know what he’s respond to us was “Please wait cos im still doing something” and gave us an unhappy face. I understand if it was very busy at the time but the restaurant was not packed and we got this response from him. i talked to the guy and ask him what is his problem with us and he just responded by saying “im not feeling well ok” and he’s mumbling sarcastically. I never expected that kind of a response from a supervisor.

    • Hi Peter,

      First of all, thanks for reading foodiedoo! It’s always regretful to hear from fellow foodies about an unhappy dining experience. I too have come across quite a number of not-so-favourable F&B services from all over but not really from Beanstro (so far, so good). All in all, service quality within the F&B industry is definitely something worth taking another look for improvements. In my opinion, it is improving but far from the desired result.

      To be fair, it’s been a few months since I last visited Beanstro and having read your comments, I will definitely take note of their service level during my next visit so as to share and update with my readers if anything props up.

      Thanks for your comments and have a great day ahead!

      Jimmy (foodiedoo)

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