Ya Hua Bat Kut Teh @ Havelock Road

Find out why we visit this Bat Kut Teh outlet at least once a month!

Despite having stayed in Havelock Road for more than fifteen years,  I never really had that many chances to try this popular Bat Kut Teh (or literally translated as Pork Rib Tea) eatery. I remember Ya Hua Bat Kut Teh first opened when I was still studying in primary school and the eatery was an instant hit among the residents around the area. Words about the eatery quickly spread and its popularity rose tremendously after that but I didn’t take much fancy towards Bat Kut Teh back then (yeah, I kind of regret now).
That said, I still remember how good the Bat Kut Teh is here. Even up till today, the standard of Ya Hua’s Bat Kut Teh remains, serving one of the best Bat Kut Tehs I have tried so far. Its a common sight to see this eatery filled with Bat Kut Teh lovers and regulars, particularly so during the weekends.
So what exactly is so good about the Bat Kut Teh here that keeps its customers coming back? To me, it really has to be that addictive soup. I’m serious when I tell my friends that each time I re-visit Ya Hua, its soup brings a smile to my face whenever I take the first sip!
Pork Rib Soup ($6 onwards)
The soup is fragrant, peppery and comes with the perfect amount of garlic taste. Generous amount of pork ribs and the oh-so-consistently-tender pork meat awaits! So far I’ve yet to get the chance to check with the boss on the “secret” of the addictive soup but I reckon he ain’t telling anyway.
Typically, 2-3 refills of the soup is a must for me because it is that good! If you prefer to have pure pork ribs in your bown or, for the health conscious, want the less-fatty meat, do let the staff know and they will know what to do.
And yes, although different dialects would have different styles on how to cook  the Bat Kut Tehs, personally I don’t quite care about the method of cooking. As a foodie, so long its good, I’m happy!
Mee Sua ($2)
Depending on your preference, you can choose either rice or the mee sua soup to go along with the Bat Kut Teh.
The mee sua is quite good. Smooth, slightly tangy and comes in a similar soup base as the Bat Kut Teh. A small amount of that tasty fried onions are added on top of the mee sua to give it the extra fragrance. Usually I managed to finish the mee sua soup base and have the waiting staff to add the Bat Kut Teh soup base for a second indulgence.
To compliment the Bat Kut Teh further, I would recommend to try the salted vegetables and braised peanuts here. From $2.00 a bowl, the serving portion is definitely sufficient for even 3 persons.
For those who are new to the eatery, don’t be surprised when the staff serves upon a bowl of You Char Kway (Fried Dough Sticks) to your table along with the menu. Although it’s not free-of-charge and would cost you $1.50 a bowl, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to reject it as it really goes well with the soup. My favourite way of eating the You Char Kway would be to put it in the piping hot Bat Kut Teh soup for a few seconds before putting it in my mouth.
Do also try out their Signature Beancurd ($3) and Homemade Barley ($1.50).
Ya Hua Bat Kut Teh is actually one of the 3 finalists nominated under the Asian Masters’ Bat Kut Teh category (which ironically, there isn’t any winner for the award as the judges decided that none of them is worthy) but to me, whether this eatery wins or not doesn’t really matter. I am sure Ya Hua Bat Kut Teh has already earned its reputation among its regular customers (myself included) as one of the best Bat Kut Tehs in town since it opened its doors more than ten over years ago. My monthly visit to this eatery continues…
Ratings: 4.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0
Ya Hua Bat Kut Teh Eating House
Isetan Office Building
593 Havelock Road
Singapore 169641
From 3 pm till 3 am Daily
Closed on Mondays

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