Bosses @ Vivocity

Welcome to Bosses (黑社会), where you can eat “like a boss“.

The word Bosses might sound a bit intimidating for the fact that it’s Chinese name is 黑社会, or literally translates as Triads  but truth be told, this place is far from that.

With its rather unique name and one-of-a-kind black based decor (how cool is that for a restaurant?), Bosses serves modern and contemporary dim-sums and other kinds of Chinese cuisines. From soup and vegetables to meat and seafood items, I am sure you are able to find something you like from its long list of menu items.

I dropped by the restaurant mainly for it’s 2011 Fall Winter 2011 Dim Sum Creation. The Dim Sum menu at Bosses is updated periodically to give its customers more varieties and choices in its menu items which I reckon, is not a bad thing at all.

Pan Fried Radish Cake ($6.50)

Served piping hot and fresh with pan-fried eggs over the almost-pure-white radish cake, I quite like the overall texture of the radish cake that comes with dried shrimps within. The chilli sauce compliments this traditional dim-sum dish rather well too.

Shanghai Steam Meat Dumpling or Xiao Long Bao ($6.50)

I have the love-and-hate feelings towards Xiao Long Baos or more commonly known as soup dumplings. It’s just so addictive to down one after another into my stomach but too much of it makes me feel too very full after a few pieces . That said, who could resist the flavourful meat and soup within? In my opinion, Bosses serves up rather good Xiao Long Baos. Each of the dumplings are handmade by the chefs and the skin is of the perfect thickness. Just by putting the whole piece in your mouth you could feel the soup “splatter” immediately. Don’t leave it for too long on the table otherwise it will not taste as nice as it should be.  And do eat these together with the ginger slices in dark vinegar!

Cantonese Prawn Dumpling aka Har Gau ($5.50)

I purposedly flip over one of the Prawn Dumplings to show how thin the skin is that you could see the succulent prawn tightly wrapped in it. If you love prawns, this is the dim sum to go for.

Prawn and Kai Lan Rice Roll ($6.50)

Each half of the rice roll comes with huge and juicy prawns with added Kai Lan vegetables for the extra crunchiness. To be honest I’ve not tried such Cheong Fun combination before but I quite like it.

Crispy Mango Salad Prawn Roll ($6.80)

Very crispy on the outside, I love each bite of this Prawn Roll as it brings along an audible crunch. The Mango Salad tastes both sweet and salty at the same time. Die-die-must-try for this dish!

Queen of Shumai ($6)

Prawns and more prawns! I love the way the shumais are being presented. Big and succulent prawns on top with juicy pork meat underneath. The shumai goes really well with the restaurant’s chilli sauce.

Spicy Fried Chicken ($14 onwards)

Full of dried chilli, herbs and fried chicken in a basket. One of the Chef’s Recommended dishes, this spicy yet savory side dish is a must-try for those who likes to challenge their own limits towards spiciness. How hot can you go?

Bosses Stir Fry Noodles ($16 onwards)

Decent stir fry noodles with lots of ingredients such as pork slices, prawns and greens. Taste quite good but some might find it abit too salty so if you can’t take too much salty food, let the waiting staff know to go less generous on the salt and flavourings.

Signature Flowy Custard Bun ($5.50)

Some would say that if you never try the Signature Flowy Custard Bun, you’ve never been to Bosses and I personally very much agree to that statement. This is another die-die-must-try dish here.  Custard Bun or “流沙包“ is essentially made up of salty egg yolks, butter and sugar and no doubt Custard Buns can be found at most Chinese Dim Sum restaurants, I must comment that the standard of the Custard Buns here is like no other. Beneath that bright orange skin is simply – pure indulgence.

It’s not hard to notice that the most of the dish prices at Bosses are towards the higher side of the scale but as they all say, you pay for what you get. Both the dim sum and main dishes I’ve tried at Bosses have far exceed beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Bosses as one of the place for great dim sum. Waiting staff are attentive to my needs throughout my dining experience there which is another thumbs up from me.

Ratings: 5.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098595
Tel: 6376 9740


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