Koryo Restaurant @ Fusionopolis Way

Located at a corner on the second level of Fusionopolis Building stands  a restaurant that serves rather decent and authentic Korean food.  Welcome to Koryo Restaurant, one of my favourite venues for decent and authentic Korean food.

Opened back in 2008, Koryo Restaurant is a popular lunch time venue among the working professionals around the one-north area and it’s not hard to find the place packed during lunch time.

The first thing you would notice about this restaurant is how huge and spacious it is.

Be it the all-time favourite Bibimbap, Ramen or “best-for-cold-weather” authentic Korean Hot Pots, you should be able to find your favourite Korean dishes here.

What I love most about this place is that all main dish orders come with 4 side dishes to compliment your meal and the variety of the sides dishes vary from day to day. Let’s take a look what Koryo Restaurant delivers.

Chicken Bibimbap aka Hot Stone Bowl ($11.50)

Essentially white rice topped with a variety of vegetables, eggs and meat all combined into a very hot stone bowl, Bibimbap is arguably one of Singapore’s favourite type of Korean dishes. Upon served, pour the red sauce over the top and stir-mix the ingredients thoroughly with the rice. Having tried the Bibimbap here for quite a number of times, the restaurant deliver consistently good and tasty Bibimbaps for it is always served sizzling hot and comes with plenty of ingredients. Time to indulge.

Ddukbokkie aka Spicy Korean Rice Cake ($8)

A dish ideal for sharing among friends or even eat it on its own. The Ddukbokkie is not as spicy as I thought it to be. The Rice Cake feels very tangy and overall, the sauce goes quite well with it.

Jong-Gol aka Beef and Mushroom Hot Pot ($23)

This is a must-order for the meat lovers. You will find plenty of ingredients in their Beef Hot Pot. Inside you will find lots and lots of beef slices, various types of mushrooms, vegetables and even Korean glass noodles! The soup base is the main attraction here. It has a combination of both salty and sweet taste which makes me keep on coming back for more. Best of all, the soup is refillable!

Small eaters may want to take note of the following. Supposedly the regular-sized hot pot is meant for 2 persons and comes with 2 servings of rice but I reckon the regular hot pot is more than enough even for 3 persons.

You can also request the beef slices to be served seperately. Other Hot Pot varieties include Seafood, Kimchi and Chicken Potato (non-refill of soup base).

Spicy BBQ Pork ($8.50)

Another one of my favourite dishes from Koryo Restaurant would be the Spicy BBQ Pork. It’s not too spicy to taste and the meat is really tender. Pair this dish with a bowl of piping hot white rice would make a good meal.

As mentioned above, there are various types of side dishes to compliment your main course and the variety varies from day to day. Typically you will find a variety of sauteed vegetables, dried anchovies and kimchi.

If I want to satisfy my craving for some really decent and authentic Korean food,  Koryo Restaurant is no doubt the one that comes to my mind. In general the food here are reasonably priced, the taste is authentic and best of all, the chef is really generous with the food portion. It’s a pity that Koryo Restaurant did not open any other branches other than the one at Fusionopolis. No doubt during lunch time the place is quite packed but come dinner or weekends the restaurant doesn’t have as many customers. That said, a good way to look at it would be to regard this place as a good venue to have some quiet weekend lunch or dinner with friends and chat the evening away while enjoying some really good Korean food.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Koryo Restaurant
1 Fusionopolis Way
#02-10 Fusionopolis (Connexis Tower)
Singapore 138632
Tel: 6469 1079


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