Starbucks @ Rochester Park

Starbucks Coffee, arguably the most famous coffee joint in the world.

Some frequents the joint, while hardcore coffee lovers might find it a little bit “mainsteam” but we are sure that you have ordered at least one beverage from the most famous coffee joint in the world at some point. And here’s probably another reason for you to go back and make your next order.

Part of the North Buona Vista area in the west of Singapore,  Rochester Park (one-north, One Rochester, etc) has grown to become one of Singapore’s haven for great food.  A heritage site with over 40 bungalows built during the post-WWII era, Starbucks managed to find one of the old colonial buildings and convert it into a quintessentially historic yet serene place for coffee lovers to stop by and have a cup of coffee. And to be honest, there isn’t many other places in Singapore that comes with the same characteristics.

This newly furbished Starbucks outlet is essentially a 2-storey building, painted in white to give it the good-ol’ traditional facade. The bottom half of the building comes with very limited indoor seating area (seats around 6-8 pax, beside the self-help bar) but there are plenty of seats located at both outside the building and on the 2nd storey.

We actually find the 2nd storey to be rather spacious. Furnished with classic wood flooring, modern coffee tables and  plenty of couches for those who love them, Starbucks had quite successfully set the place up ideally for customers to chill the hours away. We  also love the black-bordered window frames and black windows, giving the entire building its well-deserved traditional characteristics.

A few glass doors would lead you to the long balcony outside, ideal for those who want to stay away from the air conditioning. Tables and seats for two flanked the isle on both sides, giving customers the necessary space to move around the area. Ceiling fans provided.

What makes the Starbucks outlet special as compared to the rest are the exclusive pasta food items which we couldn’t wait but to try them out.

Beef Lasagne ($10.90) with Tortila Chips

Essentially, most of the hot food items (puffs, bagels, pies, etc) we get from Starbucks are usually microwaved and the Beef Lasagne is not exception. When we first got word that Starbucks @ Rochester Park serves hot meals like pasta, the first impression was that we finally got to enjoy pasta fresh from the kitchen. Perhaps we pinned our hopes too high there but to be honest, the Beef Lasagne here is quite acceptable to our taste. No doubt you might find that it’s still food from the microwave but we quite like the overall tomato, spinach pesto and cheese combination.

Chicken Meatball Penne Pasta ($10.90)

In a few words, the Chicken Meatball Penne Pasta is decent and that’s about it. Using the same tomato-based sauce as the Beef Lasagne, the overall taste is quite similar, minus the cheese. The meatballs are not as firm as how we would like it to be but we can’t really expect that much from microwaved foodstuffs, can we?

There is also another item which is exclusive to this outlet but we didn’t had the chance to give it a try since it was sold out, which is the Multi-grained Bagel with Smoked Salmon but we are sure we will be able to try it one day.

Earl Grey Tea Latte

Refreshing. Distinct. Full of flavour. The Earl Grey Tea Latte never fails to disappoint. We picked up a Grande sized Earl Grey Tea Latte to go along with the pasta. What we usually do would be to allow the tea bag to simmer just a little while longer in the cup before consuming, just to bring out more flavour from the full leaf teabag.

White Americano

Americano is widely regarded as the alternative to Long Black, albeit the preperation method is reversed. With milk added, here’s the White Americano which is another favourite of ours. Add another two satchets of white sugar to a Grande-sized Americano is the perfect way to go, we say.

When we decided to visit Starbucks @ Rochester Park, it wasn’t solely for the exclusive food items. In addition to that, we wanted to know how uplifting of an experience it could be to enjoy the usual Starbucks items at an unique venue. The result? We say Starbucks has managed to successfully provide it’s loyal fans a vastly different coffee experience just by providing a one-of-a-kind environment.  We will be back, for sure.

PS: On a side note, we wouldn’t recommend students to drop by this outlet to study as we observed that the store manager and staff here have a rather strict policy with students hogging tables here to do their revision. You’ve been warned. 

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5

Starbucks @ Rochester Park
37 Rochester Drive
Singapore 138640
Tel: 6684 8538
Sun – Thu & PH 0800 – 0000 hrs
Fri, Sat & eve of PH 0800 – 2300 hrs


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