Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

Arguably one of the best restaurants for all-day breakfast. Wild Honey now has a second new outlet in town – at the spanking new Scotts Square!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it is oh-so-often neglected by most people. Thankfully, there are places like Wild Honey that serves whole day breakfast on its menu. Good whole day breakfast, to be exact.

For those who frequent Wild Honey at the original Mandarin Gallery would be happy to learn that their new outlet at Scotts Square is slightly bigger, better and best of all, they now accept reservations at this outlet!

Some might find the outlet at Mandarin Oriental to be a bit dim in terms of lighting but this isn’t the case at this new outlet. We find the Scott Square outlet slightly more spacious with adequate lighting. Moreover, diners no longer need to queue for their food as the waiting staff will take care of the rest for you.

Waiting staff are extremely friendly and attentive to our needs. We were ushered to our table by this courteous lady and were then immediately ask if we would want some water while waiting for the menu the arrive. Talk about customer service and Wild Honey delivers far better than most other restaurants.

Cappucinno ($6)

Thick, foamy and served hot. Exactly how we like our Cappucinno to be served. Most of the time we realized that the Cappucinnos or Lattes served elsewhere are generally lukewarm and simply not hot enough (mainly because the milk wasn’t warm enough) but Wild Honey made it just right.

Just one cube of sugar is all you need to make this Cappucinno to be even better.

Hazelnut Latte ($7)

At first glance, the Hazelnut Latte might seem a bit pricey but as they say, you pay for for what you get. We love the foamy texture here and the hazelnut leaves a very unique after-taste in your mouth. If you are looking something healthier than chocolate, hazelnut is actually a good replacement due to its richness in vitamins and unsaturated fats.

Norwegian ($26)

What is on top of the whole-wheat broche would be some very fresh Norwegian smoked salmon wrapped around perfectly poached eggs and topped with homemade Hollandaise sauce. In between would be a good spread of avocado and grilled asparagus spears. Not hungry yet?

Aussie ($25 for 120 grams)

Move away the sunny side up and what you have underneath would be a tender piece of Australian grass fed ribeye, accompanied with melted onions, red & yellow peppers, baked beans, potatoes, mushrooms and tomatos, all these around a grilled brioche. Go for the recommended medium rare and chances are you will love it too.

Mexican ($18)

Mexican is a vegetarian dish that comes with a burrito (how convenient), wrapped with a combination of scrambled eggs, potatoes and beans, accompanied with salsa, sour cream and guacamole sauces. If you are into spicy food, you definitely have to try out the salsa sauce!

Persian ($24)

This non-meat breakfast item consists of thick caramelized french toast, topped with baked black plums, homemade yoghurt, juicy orange segments, pistachios and fresh mints! Dip it into the saffron syrup and you are bound to have a nutritious yet hearty breakfast like no other. What we love most about the Persian are the juicy black plums which really bring some extra kicks to the dish. The french toasts go very well with the saffron syrup too.

Breakfast Hangover Sandwich ($18)

Fancy name for a breakfast dish, we thought. Don’t be fooled by it’s looks we say. We absolutely love this! The ciabatta bread is first grilled to the point that it is very slightly charred on the inside. Then, scrambled eggs, roasted vine ripened pearl tomatoes, not-very-fatty smoked speck (not to be confused with bacon which has a shorter curing time and prepared using a different technique) are added in between the grilled ciabatta. The magic in this dish would be the Swiss cheese and smoked paprika aioli combination which help bring out the very distinct, strong and pleasant taste, making this breakfast dish a must-try in our list!

Despite the slightly higher price, Wild Honey is one of those places which makes you think that it’s food are definitely worth paying for. Excellent service crew, great serving portions coupled with great dining ambience and fantastic food, we strongly recommend you to come by this place to have your whole day breakfast fix! We know we would.

Ratings: 5.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Wild Honey
Level 3, Scotts Square
6th Scotts Road
Tel: 6636 1874

2 responses to “Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

  1. The decor was nice, the atmosphere was inviting but I have to say the lady who served us is what made me immediately make a booking for my whole family to return, on the exception that she could wait on our table.
    I have been in the hospitality line for a number of years but I have never got the polite and homely service like I received from Fatih. I can tell Fatih has service in her bones, she effortlessly was able to provide service above and beyond, even automatically offering us business cards when we asked about the brunch hours.
    There were two other service staff there and especially one that looked like she would rather not be there. The other lady, who I shall not name, came to the table twice; she cleared my glass of latte, without saying anything to me; did not even ask permission and she came back with the check and change and dropped it and never said thank you or anything. Why be in the service industry if you don’t like t serve, you are giving the restaurant a bad name.
    If it was not for Fatih and her pleasant and unpretentious personality, our visit could have gone terribly wrong.

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