Ootoya Japanese Restaurant @ Suntec City

When we tried Ootoya about one year ago at Orchard Central we never had the chance to do a proper review (got to admit, we love it!). We recently re-visited this restaurant aat Suntec City and here’s our take on a slightly different kind of really good, authentic yet not-so-expensive Japanese food!

Ootoya is an authenticJapanese restaurant which specializes in home-made style, rice-based Japanese set meals and first appeared in the Singapore food scene around 2 years ago. It’s first branch at Orchard Central proved to be very popular among local foodies that a second branch was recently opened at Suntec City.

Ootoya – Suntec City Branch

In fact, if you are the health-conscious type (and by that, we refer to those who literally count every single calorie intake), you would probably love coming to Ootoya for your meals. That’s because each item you see in the menu comes with the calorie intake value! Take about being precise with your calorie intake.

The Torotoroni Set Meal ($19.50)

Torotoroni, the set meal that comes with steam rice with clams paired with a huge bowl of simmered tofu and egg soup. If you refer to the menu, the above Torotoroni Set Meal comes with a total calory count of 601 kcal.

We love the Torotoroni (176 kcal). In fact, this is one of our all-time favourites. This hearty tofu and egg soup is thick in texture and comes with generous amount of mushrooms and vegetables within. It’s generally very light in taste and we strongly recommend you to consume it while it’s hot!

Asari Seiro

Asari Seiro basically stands for steamed rice with clams. This dish is served on top of a small fire to keep the rice piping hot for consumption. The clams are very fresh and as with most steamed food, this is a very healthy dish for the health conscious! The steamed, short-grained Japanese rice is cooked just right with the perfect amount of stickiness in it.

The set meal also comes with appetizers and pickled vegetables to whet your appetite!

We spotted something new on Ootoya’s menu, something which looks really good.

Demi Chicken Set Meal ($17.50)

We absolutely love this breaded chicken cutlet topped with onions, demiglace sauce and a sunny side-up. Placed over a generous serving of sauteed cabbage on a hot plate, the chicken cutlet is thick and deep fried to perfection but doesn’t feel oily at all. Total calorie intake we heard you ask? 831 kcal to be exact.

We opted to “upgrade” the standard Japanese rice to our all-time favourite Hijiki (Seaweed) rice (additional $1.25). In fact, there are various types of rice for diners to choose from, such as the Gokoku Gohan, Tororo (Grated Yam, additional $1.75) and Jyako rice (Sardine, additional $1.25) . Except for the Gokoku Gohan, the rest of the rice types would require additional charges as stated.

We also strongly recommend to try their warm or cold green tea here. The green tea served at Ootoya is very refreshing and strong. At just $1 per cup with unlimited refills, we say go for it!

We immediately fell in love with Ootoya when we first tried this one-of-a-kind Japanese food. If you are looking for something beyond the usual Japanese cuisines such as sushi or ramen and prefers something healthy and authentic, this is it!

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant (Suntec City)
3 Temasek Boulevard
#B1-057 Suntec City Mall
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6837 3718

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