Arbite @ Serangoon Garden Way

Serangoon Garden, a place where tons of good food awaits us foodies. And we found another good place to brunch. This is Arbite.

Opened in March 2010, Arbite is located on the second level of Block 66A at Serangoon Garden Way. Unless one bothers to take notice of the hanging signboard or looks up the 2nd level of the stretch of restaurants and banks, this place could actually be easily missed.

Walk up a few flights of stairs and some good food awaits!

Our first impression of Arbite is how small and cozy it is. At the same time, we love its simplified furnishing and layout. This place will probably not sit beyond 30-40 pax at any given time but I guess that’s hardly an issue, at least in business sense, since we saw continuous wave of customers pouring in during our meal there.

From soups to mains, salads to all-day breakfast items, take our word that Arbite offers tons of food in its menu. Arbite even serves a good selection of desserts, wines and beers. Here’s what we chose for the day.

Arbite Breakfast ($15.90) with added Smoked Salmon

Pretty standard breakfast items gathers within the Arbite Breakfast plate. Button mushrooms with grilled juicy halved-tomato, scrambled eggs with barbecue flavoured baked beans, complete with a huge veal bratwurst, bacon strips, salad and toasts. This is one huge serving of breakfast for the hungry ones. So, is it good? In a word, yes. Most should find the serving portion good enough to contribute to what is being called a hearty breakfast.

Truffle Beef Burger ($18.90)

The juicy grilled beef patty, unveiled.

We love this truffle-infused beef burger. Sandwiched between generous servings of  mushrooms, grilled tomato and mozzarella cheese, we were immediately hooked to this sinful yet delicious burger. The beef patty is grilled to suck out the fats and lock in the full beef and earthy-truffle flavor. The taste is just fantastic. Accompanied with side salad and potato wedges, this is something that we would recommend to all meat lovers out there. We did wish that more potato wedges to be on the plate though.

Pot of Mussels ($15.90)

What you have here are 10 fresh New Zealand mussels, served in appetizing lemon butter sauce. We find this as the perfect appetizer to share with your friends before the main course.

Tagliatelle with Bacon and Mushrooms ($15.90)

We quite like this aglio olio-style Tagliatelle. The Tagliatelle is pan fry with olive oil and garlic, mixed with a good combination of smoked bacon, button mushrooms, baby spinach and some chili for the extra oomph. Full of fragrance and not too oily to taste, the Tagliatelle with Bacon and Mushrooms is quite decent. The only thing we find is that it might be a little bit salty for the taste buds of some.

Pork Katsu Burger ($15.90)

Another burger-dish from Arbite’s menu. This breaded pork fillet is topped with wasabi mayo and sandwiched between grilled pineapple and mozzarella cheese, accompanied with salad and wedges.

The pork fillet is a little bit dry to our liking and the overall taste is still not bad.

Pappardelle with Blue Cheese ($17.90)

I got to admit, despite being a cheese-lover I still find the cheese smell extremely overwhelming but after awhile I sort of able to “adapt” to it. This is one dish that I wouldn’t recommend if you are the type who can’t stand the smell of basic cheese. Here, you will find caramelised pear with toasted walnuts, baby spinach and of course, freshly made Pappardelle in blue cheese cream sauce. Here’s an interesting fact – The types of bacteria which are responsible for the smell of Blue Cheese are exactly the same types found in foot / human odour.

Smoked Salmon Smorgasbord ($12.90) with added Bacon ($3)

Foccacia bread topped with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and capers, accompanied with some side salad and additional bacon strips. I personally find this all-day breakfast item to be a bit insufficient in terms of serving size but if you are a small eater and loves salmon, go for it.

Sea Salt Caramel Banana Pan Cake ($14.90)

I dig pancakes but I have never tried pancakes with sea salt before. You have layers of pancakes and between, caramelised bananas with caramel sauce and a touch of sea salt. The result is surprising good because you get to taste both sweetness and saltiness all in one bite. That said, I wish the pancakes would have been bigger and fluffier. For its price, I would say it’s quite steep for a pancake dish.

Since Arbite opened around middle of 2010, this cozy cafe has garnered quite a number of positive reviews and we can easily understand why. Good food, justifiable prices and a cozy meal environment are probably some of the many reasons why we saw an endless flow of customers coming in for a meal while we were there. If you are looking for somewhere cozy to hang out with friends for a good meal, this is it.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

66A Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555962
Tel: 6287 0430

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