Canopy Bar @ Bishan Park

Fancy a good meal in the midst of enclosed greenery? Canopy Bar is probably the right place to go to.

Away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city, Canopy is strategically located right in the heart of Bishan Park, a popular park within the neighbourhood.

Situated right beside Bishan Park’s public car park, the cafe is seperated by indoor and outdoor seatings. For sun-lovers, the choice is obvious but for those who can’t take our little island’s tropical heat (like we do), indoor’s the way to go!

Great ambience, spacious restaurant but not so attentive staff. To be honest our experience here wasn’t exactly a perfect one. After being ushered into the indoor seating we almost had a hard time catching the attention of the waiting staff. Everyone just seemed so busy go about doing their own tasks. Perhaps it’s the location of our table (we were right in the corner of the restaurant) but in general we were not being attended or offered any drinks after we were being ushered.

When we finally placed our order which includes a beverage and a glass of water, only the beverage was delivered while the glass of water went “missing” later one. Only upon a gentle reminder to the waiting staff did the glass of water finally came to our table but again, we had to ask to have the glass refilled.

Service level aside, let’s check out the food.

Buttermilk Pancake with Strawberries n’ Maple Syrup ($10)

Standard-sized pancakes topped with snow sugar and accompanied with fresh strawberries and maple syrup. Not bad for a breakfast item. We would prefer the pancakes to be slightly thicker and fluffier though. As for the maple syrup, it’s slightly on the watery side but still acceptable for our taste. That said, at $10 we can’t really complain much.

Fish and Chips ($16)

As with all fish and chips, this is one dish that is best served piping hot. Homemade beer batter is being used, coated over the silver dory fish meat before they go into deep fry. Accompanied with some fresh salad and a small portion of fries, we actually quite like the fish and chops here. Sprinkle a small amount of squeezed lemon and salt and you are good to go. The tartar sauce is pretty good too!

Despite the less than desired service level, we quite like our first visit at Canopy mainly for it’s food and unique ambience. Perhaps the service staff was just having a bad day but we definitely will be back for more. Price-wise, I would consider some of the menu items to be on the high side of the scale but there are some cheaper alternatives worth trying too!

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5

Canopy Bar
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Bishan Park (beside Car Park)
Singapore 569931


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