Marché Restaurant @ Vivocity

When Marché first opened its flagship restaurant at The Heeren’s many moons ago, it delivered a very fresh and interesting way for locals to dine. Fast forward to today, Marché Restaurant is still a pretty popular choice among locals despite the restaurant has had it’s up-and-downs for the past many years. We popped by one of the two outlets in town and find out why.

Despite Marché Restaurant has its presence in Singapore for many years now, we were very surprised when a friend told us that she’s never been to Marché before. We believe that you would have tried this “market-style” restaurant at some point or another but if you have not, perhaps you should.

It’s always a joy for us to come back to Marché. From the staff’s elaborate designed uniforms to the unique interior decoration, this Swiss chain restaurant offers a refreshing setting to it’s customers and that’s what makes the entire dining experience different. From salads to vegetables, seafood to rotisserie, there is a wide variety of choices for all diners.

You begin your dining experience by being given a card by the service staff. We would say this card is particularly important because for every item that you order, the card has to be given to the service staff to record the order. Basically, its just like your usual restaurant whereby you order first, pay later. At the end of the meal, this card would then be given to the cashier and you pay according to what has been transact to the card.

Think of the restaurant’s layout like your typical market, whereby you would need to visit different “stalls” to get different types of food. Want some salad? Walk to the salad bar. Need some drinks? Proceed to the drinks section and take your pick.

There’s plenty to choose from.So what did we choose?

Rösti with Smoked Salmon ($14.80)

A must-order dish. Marché is rather well-known for it’s delicious Rösti (aka pan-fried potatoes), a dish widely considered by Swiss as the national dish. Here, grated potatoes are pan-fried ,using oil and butter, to golden brown and you can either have it plain or add your choice of sides, such as sausages and smoked salmon. If you love sourcream, do inform the staff to add some on the Rösti for additional flavour!

Half-Roast Chicken ($10.20)

We reckon this is one dish ideal for sharing among those around the table. Comes in either whole or halved portions, the chicken is marinated with herbs and spices, then roasted to perfection with the herbs flavour locked in. The end-result? Juicy, succulent and flavourful roast chicken!

Gratin Potato ($11.20)

For those who love grated cheese, the Gratin Potato is definitely a must-try. A very simple yet satisfying dish which consists of potatos topped with melted grated cheese with some onions. Also available in Gratin Pasta.

Mixed Vegetables Medium Serving ($9.30)

Fancy some greens? We recommend you pop by the vegetable section. Choose your preferred size of plate (Small, Medium, Large) and fill the plate by taking as much vegetables as you can. The types of vegetables may vary depending on which day you visit the restaurant but mushrooms and mini-potatoes are considered the “usual” items here. During our visit we saw pumpkins and broccoli also available by the “stall”.

Bundaberg Root Beer ($4.60)

Merely by looking at the bottle’s packaging, the iconic kangaroo seemingly “hopping” over the  mountains under its legs makes it rather obvious that this is an Australian product. In fact, it is! Bundaberg is an Australian-based non-alcoholic, family-owned brewery, serves one of the world’s best root beer and it’s no wonder that this is one of Marché’s most popular drink from it’s drink stall. We love root beer and this is definitely one of the best root beer beverage out there. Unlike the MUG or A&W root beers which comes with the frosty mug taste, Bundaberg Root Beer is surprisingly refreshing and light on the carbonated water. It’s also slightly sweeter. Served ice-cold, this is definitely one of the drinks you must try.


It would really take us quite awhile before we can review every single dish that Marché serves but all in all, these are some of our favourite dishes whenever we hit the restaurant. As mentioned, do prepare to queue during lunch and especially dinner. While the prices of the food served at Marché can be considered more on the high side, we believe it wouldn’t hurt to visit this unique restaurant once in a while.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5

Marché Vivocity
1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: 63768226

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