Privé Bakery Cafe @ Keppel Bay Vista

Ready for some brunch indulgence by the bay? Welcome to Privé Bakery Cafe.Brunch…don’t we all love having a good brunch once in a while? We visited Privé – a bakery and cafe situated at the Marina Keppel Bay right in the area where houses around there are probably worth tens of millions of dollars and comes with fantastic seaview and spaces for owners to park their yatchs.Okay, we know that’s not the point so let’s come back to the main part.

How’s the place and food?

Privé Bakery Cafe is rather famous for it’s award-winning all-day breakfast (brunch) that serves from 930am – 5pm daily so its a rather no-brainer that the breakfast is a must to order here. Yearning for a hearty breakfast, we ordered the following:

Privé Ultimate Breakfast ($18)

So what do we have here in the biggest breakfast set available at Privé? Well, how about 2 eggs of your choice (scrambled, poached, sunny side up), tasty English Breakfast Sausage, Streaky Bacons, Buttons Mushrooms (we love this), Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Baked Beans, Toasts and that delicious rocket? Mmmm…a very delicious way to start your day, no?

Eggs Royale ($16)

For those who prefer to have a less-heavy breakfast and loves the combination of eggs and salmon, this is for you. Poached Eggs & Smoked Salmon stacked on top of a muffin, topped with Hollandaise Sauce and delicious rocket in between. We can’t have enough of these!

Fluffy Pancakes ($13)

Sliced strawberries with Caramelised Banana & Pecan Nuts sandwiched in between stacks of fluffy pancakes and topped with Crème fraiche (soured cream). Pour that huge serving of syrup like what we did and you are on your way to one of the best pancakes you’ve possibly tried. At $13, this is far better than any other pancakes we’ve tried elsewhere. The fruits are definitely fresh too!

Chocolate Crunch with Mini Chocolate Balls Milkshake ($11)

Mmm…this is one really sinful beverage but we don’t care! It’s chocolate-y, crunch yet very smooth in texture! Never mind the calories and give us one of those again. Comes with a bar of have-a-break Kit-Kat!

Carrot Juice ($8)

Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee ($5.50)

Café Latte ($5)

I would say this is the place to escape from the hustle and bustle from the noise of the city life. I mean, even on a Saturday afternoon the cafe is filled at a comfortable level. Basically the cafe is seperated into two sections, indoors and outdoors. For us who sort-of can’t live without air-conditioning, we chose the seats right in the corner of the cafe which comes with comfortable cushions beside the window facing the jetty. One word immediately comes to mind – serenity.

As far as service level is concerned, service staffs are polite and attentive. Somehow or rather they just seem to be there whenever you need them to be, whether it’s asking for a refill of water, an extra fork or asking for the bill.

We will be back!

Ratings: 4.5 foodiedoos out of 5

Privé Bakery Cafe
No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista
Marina at Keppel Bay
Singapore 098382


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