Lim Joo Hin Teochew Porridge @ Havelock Road

Going back to Havelock Road is certainly something that I love doing once in awhile. Since I moved out of the area 10 years ago to the far western end of Singapore, I told myself that I should come back here as often as I possibly can. There’s just so many childhood memories around this area. There were also quite a number of popular food stalls and eateries around the vicinity which I have frequently patronize but has yet to review. One of them is the popular Teochew Porridge located right beside Block 22 in front of the Beo Crescent estate. This is a popular supper venue for the late night regular patrons and Zouk-goers (party goers love coming here for supper, fyi) alike.

So, welcome to Lim Joo Hin Eating House, where Teochew Porridge (or Teochew “Muay”) awaits..

Believe it or not, I have not tried the porridge here in those many years when I stayed in Havelock Road and it was only in recent years that I start to frequently patronize this eating house located at the corner of a low shophouse block. Despite the many tables being set up both indoors (a newly renovated air-conditioned space) and outdoors (on a pavement along the roadside), we still struggle to find seats occassionally. If you managed to grab a table at in the air-conditioned section of the eating house you will also notice the eatery’s back-then glory days of celebrity-visit pictures on the walls, such as Andy Lau etc, alongside with the other press articles etc.

Notice the old-style postal code number. This signboard has been up there since day one!

Bright green and yellow signboard to make sure you don’t miss the sign

Entering the eatery you will notice that there is a wide variety of side dishes for you to choose and accompany that hot bowl of white porridge but of course it would be almost impossible for me to order every single dish. That said, what I did was ordered some of my favourite “tried and tested” dishes which I think will worth your money.

From braised ducks to crabs to tasty fishcakes, you will be spoilt for choice!


Pretty much like your usual mixed vegetable rice stall (aka “cai peng”), you simply let the staff know the number of pax are the dishes are for,  point and pick your desired side dish and the staff will do the rest. You do not even have to help yourself in carrying the food. Finished ordering? Just go back to your table and your food will come right before you know it.

For those who think that porridge isn’t enough for the stomach, you can opt for the rice as well but trust me, choose porridge whenever you can! You will probbaly ask, what makes a good bowl of teochew porridge? To me, the porridge must not be too watery and should comes with a slight “stickiness” to it. The overall texture should be smooth and of course, best consumed piping hot. I do know of some people who prefers porridge to be slightly more watery and that’s pretty much fine by me as well. And now to the dishes..

The prices for the side dishes may vary according to the number of people you are ordering for. For example, for a 2-pax serving, the red plates would cost you $3 per plate while the white ones would cost you $2 per plate. The fish, crab and duck dishes might cost you a little more but do feel free to check with the staff before you order if you want to be sure. Do also ask for a bowl of braised sauce to accompany your porridge too!

In my opinion, Lim Joo Hin is definitely one of the best choice out there for Teochew porridge and no, it has nothing to do with with my ethnic dialect. Although it’s not exactly a place where I consider cheap to dine at (you can easily spend about $15-$20 for just 2 pax, depending on what you order) but I believe most patrons come back for a good reason – to enjoy tasty and decent Teochew Porridge. With this place closes at 4am in the morning, you now know where to go for some “light supper” in the wee hours of the night.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5

Lim Joo Hin Eating House
715 Havelock Road
Singapore 169642


One response to “Lim Joo Hin Teochew Porridge @ Havelock Road

  1. Just came back from dinner at Lim Joo Hin @ Havelock Road. It is by far the worst Teochew Porridge I ever had. This is what I ordered and how each plate tasted :
    1. Chai Po Egg – very regular.
    2. Fish Cake – was nice and soft till i bit into a piece that was uncooked and mushy.
    3. Hae Bi Hiam – very, very salty.
    4. Mei Chai (Mui Choy) – very, very, very, very, salty.
    5. Cabbage – it was 3/5 leek, 1/5 hairy gourd, and 1/5 cabbage.
    6. Mao Gua ( Hairy Gourd) – very regular.
    x 3 bowls of porridge and a rice. – all of which was luke-warm.
    The total bill was $17.00 which is okay to me. But the standard of the food is what appalled me. When I told the chinese server, she said i didn’t specify that i wanted hot porridge. So i brought the matter up to the lady boss and told her that my porridge was not hot she said : oh we open long 3- 5pm its normal for our porridge to not be hot. I said but its 6pm now of which she said yes – i mean 3-6pm we do not serve hot porridge. When I questioned the mix of the cabbage, she said they dont call it ‘ko lei chai; (which means cabbage in hokkien) but we sell “ko lei chap chye.(cabbage with mixed veg)” WTH?! It was more like a mix of unwanted vegetables and it was more like stir-fried leeks (cut in big chunks no less)!
    Im pregnant right now and was really looking forward to craving-satisfying meal with my parents but ended up really disappointed. My parents who are foodies as well did not even finish the food and we left most of the items half-eaten. The best thing at the table was the company, and the chilli that was nice and vinegary with loads of garlic. Such a far cry from what I remember this haunt to be during my Zouk Party days 15 years ago. Either that or I have developed more discerning taste buds over the years.

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