Kith Cafe @ Rodyk Street

Kith Cafe is a pretty popular cafe among nearby residents and cyclists alike…we popped by this little cafe over the weekend and here’s our take!

You may not notice the existence of this small cafe situated right beside part of the Singapore River but most residents around the area should be pretty familiar with this place. We arrived on a Sunday morning and we almost couldn’t find a place for ourselves (on a relative note, no reservations allowed here).

A really popular place…” we thought. The cafe is largely outdoors due to limited seats within the cafe, which you can see from above. We walked into the cafe and took a seat but immediately found an issue. The indoor area is pretty hot and stuffy despite there’s air-condition installed within. We then switched to the outdoor seating area which we felt so much better despite it was a rather sunny and hot morning.

This is a order-pay-and-wait type of cafe, which reminds us of Loysel’s Toy which we visited recently. While waiting for our food, we also noticed alot of cyclists stopping by this cafe to grab their breakfast or to have a drink.

So what did we choose for our breakfast today?

Cappuccino ($3.80)

We took a sip of the coffee almost immediately upon serving but we find that it was not hot enough to our liking. That said, we love the foamy texture but we think it’s worth noting that the overall coffee flavour is not as strong as what we’ve tried elsewhere.

Big Breakfast ($14)

A combination of smoke bratwurst sausage, scrambled eggs, bacon, grilled tomatoes and toast with butter and jam to top it off. This is indeed a hearty breakfast no doubt about it. The smoked bratwurst sausage is pretty good in our opinion but on the other hand we would prefer a much more generous serving of the scrambled eggs and less fatty bacon. It’s worth mention that the jam goes really well with the toasts though!

Beef Sandwich ($15)

Beef topped with cheese and rocket, sandwiched between 2 huge slices of Sourdough with hints of white truffle oil which we love dearly. Accompanied at it’s side is a decent serving of tortilla chips. Some people might find the added truffle oil to be a bit to strong to taste but we have no complains on that. The beef are somewhat cooked medium well done (we were not asked how we would like the beef to be cooked though) so if you prefer your beef to be cooked to another degree, perhaps do let the staff know. No doubt this is the most expensive sandwich on the menu but it doesn’t disappoint in terms of taste either.

We left Kith Cafe rather satisfied by it’s overall food standards and consider the prices here okay as well. On a related note though, we should highlight on the overall comfort while enjoying your meal. Depending on the day’s weather, unless you are prepared to bear the heat outdoors we would suggest that you visit Kith Cafe in the evenings and definitely not on a hot day. We don’t consider grabbing a seat within the cafe because it can really quite stuffy and might make you feel uncomfortable after a while. Do also avoid the “coffee table” seats outdoors as we find them not exactly suitable for dining since you will probably need to lean forward alot while consuming your food (which we did). However, if you intend to just chill and have a cup of beverage by the Singapore River, this is one of the places to visit!

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5

Kith Cafe
7 Rodyk street,
Watermark@Robertson Quay.
Singapore 238215

The view…


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