The Garden Slug @ Telok Kurau

The Garden Slug has been gaining popularity lately in the Singapore food scene. How does it fare?

Let’s find out…

Pumpkin Soup with Roasted Cumin (Cup Size – $4.90/-)

Never knew that cumin and pumpkin can be of such perfect match! The fragrance coming out of the roasted cumin gave the pumpkin soup a rather indian-curry kind of taste but without the spiciness. Goes really well with the bread and available in Bowl size as well.

Healthy Chicken Kebabs
(choose from 3 sticks portion – $15 or 4 sticks portion – $17.90/-)

Colorful, flavourful and very filling. The kebabs are well marinated and grilled to lock in the flavors within those huge chunks of fresh chicken cubes. We can’t get enough of these to be honest! Ideal for those yearning for a guilty-free main course.

Crsip Potato Wedges ($4.90/-)

The Potato Wedges here never fails to be one of our favourite side dishes! At $4.90/-, not only this serves as an affordable side snack, it tastes really good with the dip as well!

Smoked Salmon Platter with Flatbread Sticks ($16.90/-)

For those who fancy fresh smoked salmon (who doesn’t?), this is the perfect dish to order. Very generous portion of salmon and flatbread sticks, matched with slices of lemon and garlic oil dips. Smokin’!

All-Day Breakfast Set

The standard. What could be better than starting off the day with scrambled eggs and bratwurst sausage, accompanied with hashbrown and fresh bread, complete with a bowl of yoghurt served with honey and muesli (cereals). At $10.90, this is a must have for those craving for a hearty breakfast.

And for those who crave for something bigger…

All-Day BIG Breakfast Set ($18.90/-)

The so-called mega-sized cousin of the All Day Breakfast, the big version comes with lots of shrooms, bacon strips and grilled tomatoes. It’s really for those who are starved!

Mouthwatering Meatball Melts aka MMM ($16.90/-)

The Mouthwatering Meatball Melt (aka MMM) is made for those who adore cheese. A dish with a pretty catchy name, be prepared to come face to face with a good serving of Italian meatballs (made of pork and beef) in delicious marinara sauce and healthy vegetables. We lost count on the number of meatballs served in the huge plate but for a dish that costs $16.90/- this is definitely well-worth to order for sharing with friends!

Grilled Bratwurst Sausage ($10.90/-)

Juicy, delicious and chewy with a hint of burnt taste. This is highly recommended from The Garden Slug menu – the Grilled Bratwurst Sausages. Served with celery and carrot sticks, the sausage here is so good that we were having a hard time convincing ourselves not to make a second order. Some might find the sausage done a tad too burnt but of course, you can request with the kitchen to have it done your way. $10.90/- per serving well-worth the money.

Aglio Olio con Pepperoncino ($12.90/-)

Well-cooked in olive oil, fresh parsley, lots of roasted garlic and freshly ground dried chilli. The serving is very generous and, according to the menu, possibly vegetarian as there’s no meat in this Aglio Olio. It’s not oily either but one thing’s for sure (and we emphasize) – It’s very very spicy so do tell the staff to go easy on the chilli if you can’t take spicy food well.

Running Salmon Scrambled Up ($12.50/-)

Lots of eggs and smoked salmon with toasted bread by the side. We reckon this is the perfect order for breakfast.

Orange Glazed Buttermilk Chicken ($16.90/-)

Healthy, delicious and nutritious. Tender, boneless chicken breast is being used for this dish. Glazed with a citrus wine sauce and topped on a generous serving of mashed potatoes.

 Yogurt with Fruit and Muesli ($12.90 per Bowl)

For the extremely health conscious. Fresh fruits such as strawberries and grapes are mixed with the nutritious muesli, forming a diet rich and nutritious combination. Simple yet filling and makes you feel-so-healthy!

Wagyu Beef Burger ($18.90/-)

Sinful? Nah. What you have here is just pure indulgence. Sandwiched between the sesame bread is a thick, premium no-filler Wagyu patty topped with mushrooms, greens, tomatoes and cheese. Hard to say no, no?

 Smoked Ham & Gooey Mozzarella Sandwich ($9.50/-)

We chose the Multi-Grain bread for this sandwich. Generous serving of ham with very delicious mozzarella cheese with shrooms topped. Ideal for those who are not going for a heavy meal.

Golden Battered Ocean Hake ($16.90/-)

Fancy some fish? Served with firm, white fleshed fish that’s firm in a light batter, we don’t find the deep-fried fish to be oily at all. If you love fish, this is worth trying out. Remember to ask for more of their handcrafted tartar sauce!

Southern Fried Chicken 

Served with homemade country style sauce and accompanied by generous serving of  wedges and warm vegetables. This is not a standard menu item and may or may not return to Garden Slug’s menu but having tried this dish, the chicken is tender and the flavor locked in. We sorta miss this dish!

The Garden Slug may not be situated at the most convenient place on our sunny little island but that didn’t stop us from trying out this popular restaurant located right in the quiet and cosy corner of Lorong L of Telok Kurau. For those who are familiar with Katong and it’s nearby stretch of eateries, this interestingly-named restaurant is tucked away nicely from the buzzing streets and definitely ideal for those who are looking to dine at somewhere serene. Food portions are huge and we reckon most would feel satisfied without the need for additional orders. And the best part? No GST or nonsensical service charges to your bill at the end of the day. We will be back, for sure.

Rating: 4.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

The Garden Slug
55 Lorong L
Telok Kurau
#01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500

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