No Signboard Seafood @ Vivocity

Fancy some chilli crab? We dropped by the famous and established No Signboard Seafood at Vivocity to find out how good this local delicacy (yes, Chilli Crab originated from Singapore. In case you aren’t aware).

Established since 1981, No Signboard Seafood has since earned it’s reputation as one of Singapore’s popular chinese restaurants that serves delicious crab and many other dishes, ranging from popular Hokkien Style Steam Fish to the White Pepper Crab. I still remember the flagship restaurant that used to be located at a rather unique location around the Kallang Stadium, which has since closed down a few years back to make way for the development around the area. The trademark location may be gone but No Signboard Seafood continues to make it’s presence at other locations, such as the East Coast Park and Vivocity (both places considered to be rather popular among tourists too).

Having fancy for some local Chinese foods, we visited the Vivocity branch to try out the restaurant’s famous Chilli Crab and to peek and poke on what’s there on the menu that’s worth the try.

Yam Ring with Saute Prawns

The Yam Ring is easily one of my favourite Chinese dishes and I would order this most of the time whenever I visit a Tze Char or Chinese restaurant. What I love about the crispy yam ring serves here is that it comes with a huge serving of mixed vegetables, mushrooms, cashew nuts, scallops and not to mention..lots of prawns! The yam ring is very well-done and does not “collapse” when you take a chunk off it. Overall, it’s not too oily as well.

Stir-Fry Kailan with Garlic

Fresh, green, crispy and stir-fry to perfection. It’s easy to overcook this vegetable and more often than so, makes it a tad too salty but the skilled chef here showed what he’s made of by making this simple dish very delicious with the Wok Hai fragrance. With the aromatic garlic with crunchy greens..definitely one of our favourite greens.

Doubled Boiled Crab Meat Soup

A very thick yet hearty crab meat soup full of delicious ingredients like crab meat and mushrooms. Makes it a good starter dish to prep your taste buds.

Chilli Crab

The all-time favourite dish finally arrived on our table. The Chilli Crab served here is made up of fresh Sri Lanka crabs, ooked in chilli paste, garlic and of course many other types of “secret” spices. For those who can’t take spicy food, don’t let the color of this dish intimidate you though as it is not exactly as spicy as you might think it may be. The sauce is very rich in flavour and compliments the crab really well. The crab is fresh and depending on the number of people the restaurant will choose the appropriate “size” to ensure everyone gets to taste this made-in-Singapore signature dish. Crab-elicious!

You will probably want to enjoy this dish with some deep-fried buns. Goes perfectly well with the gravy!

Mango Sago with Freshly Peeled Pomalo

We concluded our meal with the the ever-refreshing Mango-based dessert. The addition of the freshly peeled pomalo pretty up balance up the overall sweetness. Generous serving of mango cubes and sago provided the additional “kick” to this summer dessert. In fact, it’s hard to resist the temptation for a second serving!

Well-known and famous in the Singapore food scene, No Signboard Seafood Restaurant certainly lives up to it’s name serving quality and delicious local Chinese cuisines, in particular the unofficial national dish – the Chilli Crab. From it’s humble beginnings back in 1981 as a hawker stall to an ever-popular restaurant among local and foreign diners alike, we are sure that No Signboard Seafood will continue serve it’s customers the best quality and tasty Singapore for many years to come.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant (Various Outlets)
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: 63769959

Opens daily from 11am – 11pm

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