Sky on 57 @ Marina Bay Sands

An experience like no other.. and be prepared for our longest post, ever!

Opened by Singapore’s most renowned chef Justin Quek, Sky on 57 is Chef Quek’s latest creation. Since it’s opening last year Sky on 57 has received numerous positive reviews from local foodies and we thought we just had to try out this fine dining restaurant specializing in Modern Asian Cuisine.

Most of the patrons would go for their famous Executive Lunch but we decided to go for the Business Luncheon, which is either a 3 ($48++/pax) or 4 ($60++/pax) course option. The difference between the two would be the inclusion/exclusion of the dessert course, something which we think we couldn’t miss at all. With that, we went for the 4-course luncheon.

Free flow of delectable breads to prep your taste buds. We highly recommend the cheese and onion breads (above, respectively) which go really well with the salted butter.

First course – Starters

Salade Printemps (pronounced as pron-tomp aka Spring Salad)

Chef Justin Quek specializes in French Cuisine hence it is no wonder that this french-inspired salad is in the menu. Served with crunchy greens, fresh fruits and extremely flavorful salad sauce – the Salade Printemps brought me a smile when I first put it in my mouth. Another bite, another smile. It’s been awhile since I tasted something this good, really. Topped with grated cheese, there’s this very distinctive flavor which I find it very hard to explain but definitely good enough to clear this fantastic salad off the plate without any traces. Trust me, you won’t go wrong with this one. And it’s an ideal choice for vegetarians too!

Tangy Prawns and Mango Salad

If you love prawns, consider the Tangy Prawns and Mango Salad that comes with fresh prawns, crunchy salad greens and fresh mango cubes.


Second course – Soup

Bat Kut Teh Soup

This is a tricky one actually. I wouldn’t expect the Bat Kut Teh here to be anywhere near as good as local specialize stalls which it isn’t but I must say that the variant served here is as good as a fine dining restaurant could get. Non-oily and strong in flavor, the Bat Kut Teh here comes with bits of pork meat. I reckon all Bat Kut Teh lovers should know that in order to truly enjoy the soup, it must be served piping hot which Sky on 57 did understand this point very well. I would suggest more pepper to be added to soup but it also hit me that the recipe for the soup might be adjusted to suit a more international range of diners. Nevertheless, it’s still good and helps to adjust your taste buds for the upcoming main course.

Roasted Spring Tomatoes Soup with Young Spring Vegetables

Interestingly, this soup is first served in a hour-glass shaped glass before the waiting staff pours into an empty bowl right in front of the diner. It’s neither too creamy nor watery and pretty much hits the right spots. The soup is rich in tomato but to me, might be a little too rich to devour the whole bowl on my own.


Third course – Main

Pan-roasted Cod Fillet with braised leeks & light spiced lobster emulsion

Consider this the “heaven” for seafood lovers. The Cod Fillet served here is thick and very fresh. Topped with lobster emulsion accompanied with braised leeks create a whole new experience for cod fillets. We strongly recommend that you allow the fillet to absorb the goodness of the lobster emulsion before you indulge.

Chicken Rice

I’m glad that Chef Justin Quek decided to include this famous Singapore dish into the restaurant’s Modern Asian cuisine menu. I can’t help but to think that the Chicken Rice sort of reminded me the premium chicken rice from Chatterbox but I’m not going to do any direct comparison here. I don’t think there’s any roasted version to choose from. Just the original pure, steamed and authentic Hainanese-style chicken. Huge serving of chicken breast meat, coupled with “mini” xiao bao cai and cucumbers for that added crunch, the chicken meat is thickly sliced and tantalizing. I should also mention that the chicken meat is so well-done that it’s very easy to separate the chicken skin from the meat for those who like to go for the less-fat option whenever possible . The steamed rice is full of fragrance and does not feel very greasy at all so it’s rather easy on the stomach.

And what’s chicken rice without the famous chilli sauce? The chilli sauce served here is definitely potent, even for someone like me who *I think* could handle spicy food rather well. That said, the chilli has a good amount of garlic in it and really compliment the chicken slices and the rice.


Fourth Course – Dessert

Tropical Fruits and Sorbet

We finished off the course with a good selection of tropical fruits ranging from berries to pineapples to pomelos to rose apples, accompanied with sweet and icy sorbet. Needless to say, the fruits here served on the platter are sweet and a perfect match with the sorbet.

Another dessert we picked off the menu – Raspberry with Green Tea Cheesecake. There are many other in-house homemade pastries to choose from and the waiting staff would push this trolley of delectable desserts right to your table for your selection. If you are unsure, they would be glad to go through the various options for you to help you decide.

Your choice of either complimentary tea or coffee to go with your desserts. A good opportunity to have some and watch the world go by here..

We left Sky on 57 smiling and feeling satisfied. Not just because of the great food and view around us. More importantly, the service standard is, in my opinion, great and makes you feel like a very welcomed guest. Waiting time for the food is quick and there always is a waiting staff around us at our service. At $60++ per pax, it is no doubt a high price to pay for lunch but at Sky on 57, you are not just buying lunch. You are also buying an experience.

Ratings: 5.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Sky on  57 @ Marina Bay Sands
Sands Skypark, Tower 1, Level 57
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Reservations: 6688 8868
Official Website

And now.. for the view on top.

Located on the top 57th level of the Marina Bay Sands, one of the highlights of dining here would be to enjoy the spectacular view from above. By now, one would figured that this restaurant could easily deliver one of the best views of the Singapore landscape. And that, by all means, is definitely true.


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