Si Chuan Dou Hua @ UOB Plaza

Perched on top of the UOB Plaza, Si Chuan Dou Hua invites you into a lunch buffet experience like no other…at 60 levels right above!


Interestingly, when I told many of my friends about Si Chuan Dou Hua, they would naturally ask if the restaurant is related to soya beancurd dessert.

Well I would say that in a way, yes but not totally. You see, Si Chuan Dou Hua is a Chinese restaurant that serves a good range of Si Chuan-based cuisines, including from Chinese tea, dim sum and other Si Chuan styled dishes and desserts (yes, including the soya beancurd). And the reason why we are here today is because we heard that the dim sum a-la-carte buffet is decently good here and best of all, reasonably priced. So, is it?

We certainly think it is.

At $42++/pax, not only you get a good view of Singapore while enjoying your meal, you also have a huge list of delectable dishes (80 of them, to be exact) for you to choose from.

The list of food would be considered exhaustively long but just to give a better perspective on the varieties, they include:

  • 20 dim-sum dishes (including Century Egg / Pork Congee, Meat Dumplings and Xiao Long Baos)
  • 8 types of cold appetizers (such as Chong Qing Chilled Chicken, Braised Mushrooms, Prawn Salad etc)
  • 5 kinds of nutritious soup (Braised Shark’s Fins, Si Chuan Hot & Sour Soup etc)
  • 7 types of fish dishes (including Soon Hock, Seabass, Red Tilapia etc)
  • 8 types of Seafood and Prawns dishes (such as Deep-Fried Cereal Prawns, Fresh Scallops w/ Cuttefish and Soft Shell Crabs, just to name a few)
  • 12 varieties of Chicken, Beef and Pork dishes (including Chong Qing Diced Chicken, Stir-fried Beef and Sweet and Sour Pork)
  • 9 types of Beancurd and Vegetables (Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetables, Braised Beancurd etc)
  • 5 types Rice and Noodles dishes (such as Hong Kong noodles, the highly recommended Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles, Oriental Fried Rice etc)
  • 6 kinds of Desserts (including Beancurd with Wolfberries, Fresh Mango Pudding etc)

That’s alot of food, eh?

Apparently, it would not be possible to try out all dishes within one visit. So we did what we could do best, to order what we think would be nice and from the order list and point out what’s worth the try.

With that, we kicked off our ordering with the waiting staff.

From The Cold Appetizers

Marinated Jelly Fish

We love the well-marinated Jelly Fish and it’s perfect for an appetizer. It’s abit spicy but the overall taste is rather sweet and not too oily, which is to our liking.

Fresh Prawns w/ Fruits Salad


From the Dim-Sum Menu

Braised Chicken Claw w/ Black Pepper

Steamed Shanghai Xiao Long Bao in Superior Stock

Steamed Spare Ribs w/ Bean Paste

Steamed Prawns Siew Mai

Definitely one of our favourites among the orders. You will have to tell the waiting staff how many siew mais would you want to order, rather than telling them how many servings you want (which usually comes in 3 per serving in many dim sum restaurants). The skin is thin but firm and you can easily take the siew mai using the chopstick without anything fillings falling out. The prawns wrapped within are succulent and tangy.

Assorted Seafood Dumpling

Steamed Barbecue Bun

Fluffy skin with very well-made barbecue pork in the bun. For those who dig char siew buns, we trust that you will find the buns here good enough. In the very least, we had no complains.

Deep-Fried Beancurd Roll w/ Prawn

Fried Wanton w/ Minced Meat

Steamed Egg Custard Bun

We love the Steamed Egg Custard Buns here to bits. It might not be the best around town but they have got the basics right for this. The outer skin is moderately thick but more importantly it’s the goodness of the egg custard within. As usual, it it while it’s hot and you are bound to enjoy it.


From the Fish Menu

Steamed Seabass w/ Bean Paste

Crispy Fried Soon Hock Fish

It’s hard to believe that for the price we are paying we get so many choices of fish dishes from it’s menu. Just the price of the fishes ordered would probably cover 2 diners’ costs in the regular restaurants. Both fish-dishes we ordered are very fresh and rather big in serving.


From the Noodles Menu

Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles

This is a must-try for everyone. The Sichuan Dan Dan Noodles come in bite-size portion and topped with minced meat and mixed in fragrant chilli oil, forming a perfect combination with the freshly made noodles. Perhaps it’s not for those who can’t take spicy food well as we consider this rather high on the spicy-scale but for those who think they can take it, be prepared to ask for another bowl because you just can’t get enough of it.


From the Prawns Menu

Deep-Fried Prawns w/ Wasabi

From the Vegetables Menu

Stir-Fried Baby Kai Lan w/ Minced Garlic

A seemingly simple dish yet very well done. It’s not over-cooked and comes in a good portion. What we love about this is the perfect combination of the minced garlic and the vegetable is extremely crunchy. Most restaurants tend to serve this dish that usually turns out to be rather salty but we rest assure you this is not the case.

From the Meat Menu

Sweet and Sour Pork

From the Dessert Menu

Fine Beancurd w/ Wolfberries

Extremely smooth. Extremely yummy. Extremely perfect.
The beancurd simply slides down the throat when you put it in your mouth. The wolfberries that comes with a slight bitter taste bring balance to the sugar syrup. In short, this is another must-try.

Fresh Mango Pudding

What can we say? This is one of the best desserts we have ever tried. The freshly made mango pudding topped with a hint of carnation milk forms the perfect combination as a after-meal dessert.


Si Chuan Dou Hua just made it to the top of our all-time favourite Chinese restaurant based on its quality food and excellent view from the top of the UOB Plaza.  We don’t have much complains about the restaurant’s service level, although I would say there are still rooms for improvements. Despite having quite abit of crowd during our visit, the waiting time for the food to be served was decent. Again, at $42++ / pax for the lunch dim-sum buffet there ain’t many other restaurants that could provide such value-for-money buffet with such a great view. We will be back for sure.

Ratings: 4.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Si Chuan Dou Hua
TOP of UOB Plaza
80 Raffles Place, #60-01 UOB Plaza 1,
Singapore 048624
Tel: (65) 6535 6006


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