Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant @ Changi Airport T3

Crystal Jade Group and it’s chain of Chinese cuisine restaurants is probably one of Singapore’s most popular and recognized food entity, with more than 10 restaurants and a few confectioneries under it’s name spreading throughout our little sunny island. In my opinion, Crystal Jade restaurants have the ability to attract  customers primarily from the young adults to the middle-age and even the elderly groups and I think there are some pretty good reasons to it. First of all ,it is not your typical food restaurant companies that opens a-gazzilion amount of restaurants all over the island serving the same dishes (any such restaurant(s) coming to your mind, yet?). In fact, Crystal Jade Group took the multi-cuisine approach and opens restaurants serving different types of Chinese, Hong Kong and even Korean cuisines to cater to the foodies’ craving for variety on their plates. Secondly and more importantly, food taste and quality at each of the restaurants are not compromised despite attempting to deliver multiple cuisines through different restaurants. Maybe the chefs are really good in their specialized cuisine?

This time round, we decided to try out the Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant located right in the smack of Changi Airport Terminal 3. From what we have read on the Crystal Jade Group website it seems like there is the one and only  Shanghai Restaurant in Singapore. When you are in Terminal 3 it should be hard to miss this restaurant from sight because it is located right above the departure hall and you could probably see it once you enter the departure level. More so if you are leaving for another country, you probably would have seen it if you look upwards (okay, probably not if you are in a hurry).

We started off the meal with some fried dim-sum items just to whet our appetites a little,

Fried Beancurd Rolls w/ Prawns

Pan Fried Chives Roll

Vegetarian Celery Roll

Despite all we ordered were mainly fried / pan fried we didn’t feel at all “greasy” in the stomachs after eating but we reckon each item is good enough for 2-3 pax to share without feeling guilty.

Of course, nothing is perfect (that’s what I believe in most things anyway). To me, certain food items can definitely be better if compared to other restaurants such as the famous Chinese dim sum item – for example the Xiao Long Bao. In comparison to the version which Din Tai Fung serves the skin is thicker is comparison and the taste of the soup in the XLB is not as smooth and rich in flavour. That said, the overall taste is still good and the succulent pork meat won’t let you down. Eat it while it’s piping hot and make sure you dip these XLBs into the pool of ginger vinegar before popping one into your mouth.

Xiao Long Bao

Another item that caught our eyes in the restaurant’s menu is the meat dumplings, served in fragrant vinegar and small amount of chilli oil. Don’t worry if you are the type who dodge spicy foods because the fact is that the dish look potent but truth be told, it’s not.

Meat Dumplings w/ Vinegar and Chilli Oil

One for you?

Extremely potent, extremely hot. That was what came to mind when the Chilli Beef Noodles was served right in front of me. Even with the request to reduce the amount of chilli oil being added to the soup, this dish is definitely not for everyone. You will be overwhelmed by the strong smell of chilli when served, evaporating together with the vapor from the hot soup base. It didn’t took us more than 3 bites before one of us emptied a glass of ice water and asked for a refill. Spiciness aside, the vegetables are crunchy even when dipped into the soak and the beef chunks are indeed huge and chewy. Nonetheless, with the excellent soup base and generous serving of beef and vegetables, we managed to finish it off.

Chilli Beef Noodles

Generous chunks of beef for your enjoyment

Situated right in the latest terminal in Changi Airport, the location of Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant may not be entirely convenient for everyone. I mean, Changi Airport is probably not a venue that many would think of when it comes to food unless they happen to be in the area or are at the airport for a good purpose. Being the only Crystal Jade restaurant dedicated to serving authentic Shanghai cuisin e, this is probably one of the places to go if you are craving for some Shanghai-Noon. Service level is great as well. The best part of all is that there is considerably less crowd and virtually no need to queue or wait for your turn since most of the time the restaurant is half-filled. One thing that could be better is that the air-condition could well be turned up.

Rating: 3.5 Foodiedoos out of 5.0



Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant
Changi Airport Terminal 3
Mezzanine Level
Departure / Check-in Hall Central


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