XiMenDing Taiwan Cuisine @ Vivocity

Seems like restaurants specializing in Taiwanese are slowly and steadily creeping into Singapore’s food scene, isn’t it?

From the initial introduction of Taiwanese street snacks and desserts, here we have another restaurant that specializes in Taiwanese cuisine – XiMenDing (西门丁) Taiwan Cuisine.

The visit to XiMenDing was a rather impromptu one as we were just hanging around the huge mall trying to look a place for lunch – some place that we have yet tried before. And after some walking and search we stood right there at the restaurant-front browsing through the menu. At that point of time I couldn’t help but wonder what would separate these Taiwanese dishes amongst the already popular (perhaps common) Chinese cuisine or even our local good-ol-trusty tze char outlets? Read on to find out more…

Taiwan-Style Noodles

Perhaps you would like to consider this as your typical Japanese Char Su Ramen but served Taiwan-style? This Taiwan-style pork noodles comes with slices of pork served in light, rather clear soup. To be honest there isn’t much to comment about this dish. The taste is mediocre and half-way down the bowl you can’t help but think did I really paid this much for something that tastes like instant noodles upgraded just by a few slices of mediocre-taste pork slices. And did I mention that the noodles were insufficient for a one-pax serving?

Pork slices are okay..

Craving for some beef, here’s the other pick of ours from the menu – Beef Noodles. This dish probably used the same soup base as the Taiwan Style noodles but the addition of stewed beef made the soup slightly sweeter and stronger  in taste, together with some bits vegetables and orange and white carrots for the extra nutrients (I think..). Overall, the beef has a strong taste to it and I reckon some may just find it abit too “beefy” and some bits are harder to chew. However, if you are a meat-lover like we are, should be a no-problemo.

Beef Noodles

With very high nutritional value, Kang Kong can be considered as one of the most popular vegetables in Chinese cuisine probably because of it’s crunchy texture and goes really well when cooked with garlic and chilli. XiMenDing’s version is non-spicy and in a weird way without the usual “samba” chilli. The first thing that came to mind was that it definitely would be better with some chilli in it but as we eat more of it, it wasn’t so bad after all. It’s not oily, feels a lot like a healthier option of Kang Kong and despite the use of garlic it doesn’t really leave a strong after-taste in your mouth. Our only gripe? The portion is rather small for it’s price.

Fu Ru Style “Kang Kong” Vegetables

Expensive would probably be the best word to describe this Taiwanese cuisine restaurant. I mean, comparing the price to the proportions and quality of the food (at least for the ones which we ordered) they are not exactly worth it in my humble opinion. We left the restaurant rather unsatisfied, not just because we felt that the food is overall expensive but also because also because there are just so many other outlets within the same mall that serves much better food for the same or at a even lower price. The service level was not fantastic either. Towards the end of the meal we had such a hard time catching the attention of the waiting staff there that I thought it would be faster for me to settle the bill by getting out from our table and walk to the cashier instead – when I was sitting right in front of the cashier.

Rating: 2.5 Foodiedoos out of 5.0

XiMenDing Taiwan Cuisine
1 HarbourFront Walk
#01-51A VivoCity
Tel: 6376 8018
Opening Hours: Daily from 12pm – 10pm

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