Strictly Pancakes @ Prinsep Street

There’s a new kid on the block that serves strictly pancakes..and the name of the place? Strictly Pancakes!

Without making any reservations (it’s quite a big risk, actually..don’t do that), we headed down to this pancake eatery located conveniently at Prinsep Street. Predictably, we had to queue for awhile as the place was full upon arrival, even though we reached just an hour after the place opened it’s doors for business. That said, the wait wasn’t long before we managed to step into Strictly Pancakes and realized that this was one cozy place perfect for warm, fluffy pancakes in the morning. A good start?

Now.. if you think pancakes are made just to accompany the usual jam and butter, well think again! It’s amazing how Strictly Pancakes can whip up so many types of dishes with the flat, round and fluffy cake. Just take a look at it’s menu reveals the variations this eatery can come up with. From seafood items to fruits and berries to sausages, one might just wonder would these combination compliment the pancakes? I had my doubts but went ahead anyway.

Can’t read from the menu? How about reading off this large chalkboard menu instead?

Pancakes served here are order “by-the-stacks”, starting from the short stack of 2 pancakes to large stack of 4. For us? We went for the medium stack of 3.

Berry Berry FantasticTo be honest, we expected more from the actual presentation of the Berry Berry Fantastic. The thing is, everything on the menu is presented in pure text and there were no pictures to be found anywhere. Hence, we could only imagine what our order would look like (or you could try take a sneak peek at what the other tables have ordered when the waiting staff walks past you, that is). As such, when the BBF was served on our table we really did expect more servings of the strawberries and blueberries. Having said that, with the marmalade poured over the fruits, this dish may just easily satisfy those with sweet tooth.

Still need more sweet-ness in it? Feel free to pour the maple syrup over the entire stack of pancakes and you just brought up another notch of sweetness for the BBF.

Note: this is a weekend-only item

All American Breakfast wouldn’t be considered complete without bacons and sausages. Which is why our second pick was the All American that comes with your preferred stack of pancakes, accompanied with quail’s egg, halved grilled tomotoes, bacon and sausages. Okay, maybe the sausage wasn’t that fantastic. In fact, it tastes pretty much like the usual sausages which you would order through the cold-cut and sausage section of a supermarket – nothing special about it. Then again, the bacon was so good that I ordered an additional serving! Consider the bacon to be on the oily side of the scale but that also mean that all the flavors within the bacon are brought out. Spread the butter that comes with the pancakes compliments the All American further.

PS: this is a weekend-only item

Strawberry Shake
Milkshake’s my fave. Especially when it comes to strawberry-flavored ones (okay, I have been asked a thousand times by people around me why strawberry shakes and I seriously have no idea how to explain that). At first I was amazed by the size of the milkshake due to it’s huge, tall cup. I took a sip of the milkshake and there it was, revealing it’s icy thick yet milky texture with some hints of strawberry crunch bits. It’s almost comparable to the strawberry milkshake served at Riders Cafe and that, trust me, is a huge compliment.

Conveniently situated, this cozy little restaurant is perhaps the only restaurant in town that specializes in pancake-related food. Although most of its menu items are pancake-based, there are a few sandwich items and finger foods which you could order as well.  To most, pancakes may not be an everyday food and it’s highly likely that most would just have pancakes as a dessert item rather than a proper meal. Strictly Pancakes may just change your perception on that though. We would love to have the maple syrup to be thicker as we find that syrup to be a bit too watery but no complains for the butter.  We also find the medium stack (3 pancakes) to be very filling towards the end and we believe 3 might be a bit too much for some so if you have a small appetite (which we don’t actually), do proceed with caution.

Ratings: 3.5 foodiedoos out of 5.0

Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674

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