Hatched @ Evans Road II

When one is hungry for an eggy (and I mean really EGGY) breakfast in the middle of the afternoon, where could he/she go to satisfy the craving ? In fact, is it even possible to find eggy breakfast after the morning is over? With Hatched, consider it your solution to your egg cravings. Here’s why.

Personally, I love eggs – alot.

In fact, just give me the traditional soft-boiled eggs for breakfast and I would be satisfied for the rest of the day. That said, there are also times when I prefer to go for something more “westernize”, such as the traditional Plain Omelette or the all-time fave Eggs Benedict. And to be honest, before the booming of brunch restaurants in Singapore it really was hard finding decent all-day breakfast items on our little island. Hatched can easily be one of the restaurants (or should I say, eatery) that serves all-day breakfast throughout it’s opening hours.

I first patronized Hatched back in March 10′ and have not looked back since. Although the menu was still pretty much the same all these while, the food quality and taste still pretty much remains the same. By the term same I mean they are as fantastically done as ever.

Coffee with breakfast is a must for me!


For salmon lovers, Hatched’s Papillote is probably your best choice from the menu.  Basically the Papillote comes with smoked fresh salmon served with scramble eggs and delicious chive cream, complete with sauteed potatoes and caramelised onions.


An interesting yet easy to remember name for a dish. Being a meat-lover, I love the combination of the juicy steak that serves together with a fried egg on top of the muffin, making them a perfect combination for a breakfast item. Also comes with generous serving of mushrooms and homemade mash potatoes!

Pancake Party

Thick, huge, fluffy and warm – welcome to the Pancake Party.
For pancake lovers, you probably will not go wrong with the Pancake Party. With the option to add your favourite apple / strawberries / blueberries for no-charges at all, served with creamy butter and snowy power sugar, how could this not land up on your plate at all?

Hatched is definitely THE place to go for egg-based breakfast treats even if you are craving for some egg-based food anytime of the day. Tons of choices for you to pick on it’s menu, coupled with a cosy setting makes Hatched the perfect place to spend your day at. Although it’s located right along Bukit Timah Road and may not be the most convenient place to head to without a personal transport, this place is definitely worth the trip. Be forewarned though – call them up before heading down because you will never know when this place is going to be packed with fellow egg-lovers. On a busy day, staff would even have to setup tables and chairs outside the restaurant to cater to the crowd.

Ratings: 4.0 foodiedoos out of 5.0

26 Evans Road
Evans Lodge
Tel: 6735 0012 / 6735 0013

Opening Hours
Tues – Thurs 8am – 10pm
Fri – Sat 8am – 11pm
Sun 8am – 10pm
(Closed on Mondays)


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